Proposal for Train Accident by 20 Deputies from CHP "Investigate the Real Why"

Republican People's Party (CHP) Tekirdag deputy Candan Yüceer, Çorlu after the train accident in the region after his work with the 20 CHP MPs gave a new research proposal.

In the accident in which 24 citizens lost their lives, CHP's Yüceer, who submitted a parliamentary question regarding the 'negligence' discussions, said:KazanHe warned that if the real causes of the disaster are not investigated, new disasters may occur.

In the statement made by the professional organizations affiliated to TMMOB and the unions regarding the accident in the motion submitted by CHP Yüceer to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, kazanEmphasis was placed on 'negligence' by drawing attention to the fact that it was stated that the accident occurred due to foreseeable and preventable reasons. In the proposal, "Experts stated that the state responsibility has been transferred to private companies in the maintenance, inspection, control works and processes of railway lines, the number of personnel working within TCDD due to privatization policies has been significantly reduced, the 'road watchmen' have been terminated, the traverse and filling materials have been transferred. It is also mentioned that there are problems related to quality and control.

In the motion, which stated that the ban on broadcasting and the explanations of the authorities on the subject were insufficient, kazanIt was stated that the real reasons for the incident should be investigated immediately:

“Even though an investigation into the train disaster has been initiated by the Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, it is more important to investigate this issue in detail with a commission to be established by the Assembly in terms of informing the public and public interest. KazanThe fact that the authorities did not make an illuminating statement that would satisfy the public after the accident increases the suspicions that there were some negligence in this disaster, which is one of the biggest train accidents in the history of Turkey. Kazanthe reasons for kazanI respectfully submit that the issue be investigated in all its dimensions in order to reveal the negligence and those responsible, if any, and to determine the measures to be taken to prevent this and similar accidents from happening again.

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