Mayor Aktaş: "Bicycle Use Should Become Widespread in Bursa"

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş came together with representatives of bicycle associations operating in Bursa. Chairman Aktas, the visitors' use of bicycle to promote the spread of awareness and traffic in consultation on found.

Representatives of the association in the presidency of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, representatives of the association, 'to increase the use of bicycles and vehicle drivers, due to the recent accidents increasing the' advice to President Aktas. President Aktas, who spoke after the admission, wished mercy of Allah to Bank Manager Kerem Yorulmaz, who recently lost his life while riding on a bike, and wished a speedy recovery to the Cyclist Barış Asa who was seriously injured on a roadside vehicle.

Stressing that cycling is an indispensable fact of life, President Alinur Aktas emphasized that cycling is an important tool not only for transportation, health and sports, but also for the passion of nature and nature. Expressing his excitement about the increase and expansion of bicycle use in bicycle associations and groups, President Aktaş said, ında What can be done to increase interest in and interest in cycling in this city? We talked. Thanks to them, our friends came to prepare for this. We listened to them together with our teammates. In time, we will contribute to increase the excitement of our activities and physical transformations and to increase the use of bicycles over time. Zaman

Speaking on behalf of the representatives of bicycle associations, Mecit Tatlıcılar said that the number of bicycle users in Bursa has increased by about one thousand every year and that the difficulties in the traffic have started with this increase. In recent years, the users of the cycling of serious and fatal accidents in serious sorrow stating that the Sweetness, Metropolitan Municipality in the traffic with the contribution of the more peaceful way to believe that they believe they will use the bike. Tatlıcılar also thanked Mayor Alinur Aktaş on behalf of representatives of bicycle associations due to his admission.

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