A new bridge is being constructed for Kumcağız Creek

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Kefken - Kurtyeri (Kumcağız) in the area of ​​the bridge to make transportation more comfortable. The work carried out by the Department of Transportation creates a new bridge about 100 meters north of the existing bridge. Kefken Mahallesi Karakulukçu Street and Kurtyeri (Kumcağız) District Hacı Şükrü Streets, the bridge connecting the Kumcağız through the bridge continues to work.

The railings of the established bridge are carried out. The approach of the bridge continues to fill. With the completion of the study, the transportation to the Kumcağız area will be relieved. The Kumcağız Deresi bridge, built by the Metropolitan Municipality, is being built on a length of 14 meters and a length of 29 meters.

Within the scope of work, a thousand 180 meters, piles, 725 cubic meters of concrete are used. In studies using tons of steel bridge 175 565 tons of asphalt will be laid. will be held in the sidewalk on the bridge will be used 600 500 square meters flooring and moldings. Also covered ground improvement, 6 736 thousand meters of stone column fabrication was performed.

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