IMM to Istanbul Roads 2 Million 150 Thousand Ton Asphalt

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is doing asphalt renovation work on 4 thousand kilometer road network. 409 2 thousand tons of asphalt will be used in 150 main transportation road. The road will be rehabilitated until the 500 is on the 3 lane road.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has started asphalting works on roads that deteriorate due to various reasons and negatively affect driving comfort. IMM Department of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination, 4 thousand kilometers long main road network in Istanbul; he started rehabilitation works against the problems caused by the collapse, undulations, winter conditions and excavations.

In the main transportation road network, which is within the scope of a very wide area, from the Kocaeli Border to the provincial border of Tekirdağ, the superstructure works are done by using all the possibilities of technology. It aims to increase the comfort of vehicle and pedestrian use and to provide easy access for the citizen.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Road Maintenance teams planned the asphalt season until the end of October, starting in June. Crews; asphalt pavement and repair work will be done by identifying the roads and squares, air temperatures to increase in the summer period is taking to the program. Full coating or partial coating (patch) and repair is applied according to the condition of the road. In order to make a quality asphalt, the road surface temperature should be 8 and above.

Within the scope of the studies to make Istanbul more modern and usable asphalt, asphalt pavement, partial patch and repair work will be carried out on 5 main transportation road in the 409 monthly period, with the main transportation routes being the priority.

2 million 150 thousand tons of asphalt will be used for this work. The road corresponding to the 500 lane road length of a total of 3 km will be rehabilitated. 204 paver, 31 paver patch, 8 pavement team, 7 pavement team, 9 storm-chimney, 32 robot, 67 robot, 50 crew including 2.000 crew, 100 crew, XNUMX control team) roads will be rehabilitated and vehicle driving comfort will be increased.

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:42

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