Road Works Continue in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on asphalting works in all districts. The 2014 mileage asphalt pavement, 2017 kilometer surface covering, 196 mileage asphalt patching, 881 mileage asphalt patching was carried out in the Nizip, Oğuzeli, Nurdağı, İslahiye, Araban, Yavuzeli and Karkamış districts.

Metropolitan Municipality, which eliminates the shortcomings in the districts with its infrastructure and superstructure works, has taken a serious path in the scope of the road building and expansion works. According to this, 2014 kilometers in Nizip district, 2017 in Oğuzeli district, 220 in Nurdağı district, 209 in Islahiye district, 113 kilometer in Araban district, 104 kilometer in Yavuzeli district and 112 kilometer in Karkamış district were made. 76 kilometer in Nizip district, 48 kilometer in Islahiye, 104 kilometer in Araban, 14 kilometer in Yavuzeli, 24 kilometer in Karkamış, 9 kilometer in Oğuzeli and Nurdağı are laid as hot asphalt.

586 kilometers in Nizip, 395 in Nurdağı, 244 in Islahiye, 334 in Islahiye, 259 in Araban, 322 kilometers in Yavuzeli, 212 miles long road was renewed.

On the other hand, 219 thousand square meters to Nizip district, 155 thousand square meters to Oğuzeli district, 112 thousand square meters to Nurdağı district, 122 thousand square meters to Islahiye district, 114 thousand square meters to Araban district, 134 thousand square meters to Yavuzeli district and 112 thousand square meters area to Karkamış district. It was laid.

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