Greenbee Junction Connecting 5 Neighborhood Completed

Yeşilvadi Boulevard and 10 Street Intersection Intersection made by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality was opened to traffic, so the 5 neighborhood was interconnected

Under the scope of transportation master plan implemented during the period of Mayor Fatma Şahin, the works carried out started to give fruit. 12 bridge junction and 1 viaducts in the city traffic congestion relieves the Metropolitan, the 2018'ın began in January with the Yeşilvadi Boulevard and 10'th Street Intersection Intersection opened to traffic. Approximately 18 million pounds at the intersection of the Sun, Geylani, Akkent, Bulbulzade and Ertugrul Gazi neighborhoods were connected.

The 532 meter-long 27 beam was used in the 195 two-storey junction with 800 bored pile. The 200 meter of the XNUMX meter-long intersection will cover the vehicles crossing from the lower floor, and the top will turn from the hub.

Yeşilvadi Boulevard and 10 Street Intersection intersection will reduce the traffic density in the region that informs the Mayor of Gaziantep, Fatma Sahin, 7 24 hours, regardless of working with a great devotion, thanking the technical team, this work brought to the city wishes to be beneficial to the people of Gaziantep.



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