Mersin's 4. Multi-story intersection project on the road

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, 4. He has rolled up his sleeves for the Multi-storey Interchange Project. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz keeps his word and promises to the people of Mersin for Kuvayi Milliye and KİPA Intersection and 4. Multi-storey Junction Toroslar District is doing the intersection.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, the architect of urban change and transformation, is preparing to implement the fourth-story intersection project in order to relieve the urban traffic and save the people of Mersin from the chaos of traffic. Toroslar Memorial Multi-storey Junction Project will be realized at the intersection of H. Okan Merzeci-Kuvayi Milliye Street.

Giant Projects to Relax Traffic Continues

One of the most important problems of Mersin is traffic at every opportunity voiced and producing permanent solutions to the President of the President, he promised 4. He has rolled up his sleeves for the Multi-storey Interchange project.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which received a full note from Mersin residents with transportation projects, will continue to work day and night with all the teams in order to be able to offer the Memorial Layered Junction Project which will be implemented for the purpose of solution to the traffic density.

5 thousand 376 vehicle will pass per hour

At the intersection where the 5 bin 376 vehicle will be crossed, it will pass through the transit passage in the east-west direction and signalize in the north-south direction. The dive and exit length of this project, which was made according to the Master Plan of Transportation, was determined as 450 meters and the total project length was determined as 800 meters. The traffic will be greatly relieved by providing a link between the planned level crossroads and H. Okan Merzeci Boulevard, Kuvayi Milliye Street and Mezarlık Street.

The intersection arms were designed to connect H. Okan Merzeci Boulevard to the roundabout region and it was aimed to give priority to the vehicles that will turn right. With the return arms planned in both directions before the round junction in the planned level crossing area, it is aimed that the vehicles that will make the return do not wait for light so that the traffic density in the hub of the intersection is reduced.

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