Minister Arslan: ar We made 474 billion pounds investment in transportation projects Bakan

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said, ine In the last 15 year, we have invested £ 1 billion in transportation projects. The annual amount of savings we make from transportation projects is 474 billion dollars. Ulaştırma

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said, ine In the last 15 year, we have invested £ 1 billion in transportation projects. The annual amount of savings we make from transportation projects is 474 billion dollars. Ulaştırma

Arslan, Turkey's Bus Operators Federation (TOFED) 7. In his speech at the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting, he said that bus and road transport is the circulatory system of a country's economy.

Expressing that the road transport affects the side sector too much, Arslan stated that road transport has affected the 81 million and that they give importance to the sector.

Airline industry, they make a revolution, the plane of the concession is not a concession and almost became a need to express that the Arslan, but the airplane passenger from the airport to another airport said they took.

Arslan, maritime and railway transportation is the same way, he said, but thanks to the road transportation of the citizens of the city, district, neighborhood, home, so that the sector can touch the 81 million, he said.

Edi There are no problems in the sector. Gül Arslan stated that it would not be right to say that everything was not roses, but 15 said that they were far ahead of the year before.

Arslan, saving the sector 15 complexity annually, some parts of the bottom of the stairs, some see themselves as the king of roads, the days of undocumented transportation said they came from today.

In order for the sector to work in a discipline and order, Xnumx reminded that they have prepared and enacted laws with the participation of the sector. Arslan said that they bring serious obligations to the transporters, they bring professional respect for those who can do this work, and that they bind the rules.

Arslan, 15 million professional qualification certificate in the last 4,5 years, 526 bin certificate of competence, 1,3 million vehicles were recorded, they recorded.

  • U-ETDS is coming to get rid of pirated transportation

Arslan mentioned that they gave all kinds of support to solve the problems of the sector and said that they will continue to give their support.

Emphasizing that they will improve the work they started last year on the road transport, Arslan stressed that they will re-examine the parts that are not covered.

Arslan stated that they are following the developments in such a dynamic sector, which is constantly evolving and changing and 8 mentioned the Road Transport Regulation published in January.

Minister Arslan said: ın Transportation Electronic Monitoring and Inspection System (U-ETDS) project is very important in order to prevent the misleaders from getting rid of pirated transportation. A legal basis has been established. We want to implement this soon. As in the past, perhaps there will be friends who complain about it but in the end they will see that the sector will win, and our country will win. Geçmişte

This system will be tackled with piracy voicing the Arslan, undeservedly want to compete in the industry passed.

  • Konfor When the work is finished, the times will shorten, life comfort will increase “

Arslan said that they will continue the projects on transportation and that no big project will stop and they will relax the transportation.

Regarding the criticism of the roads of the bus after the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Arslan explained that there is no loss of time and fuel in the city thanks to the rapid crossing of the bridge without traffic.

Arslan, North Marmara Motorway after the construction of the relevant parts of this time will be shortened by recording, with the new roads and routes they have opened new corridors of transport and transportation to bus operators passed.

Minister Arslan, konfor We have no doubt that at the moment when the ongoing work is really shortened and time travel will increase both travel comfort. Therefore, fuel, time will be saved, the emission of carbon dioxide will decrease.

In the last 15 years, Arslan mentioned about the implications of transportation projects. N In the last 15 years, we have invested in 474 billion TL in transportation projects. 11 billion dollars of annual savings made from transportation projects, Ulaştırma he said.

  • ”The bus station should stay on-site“

TOFED Noting that President Birol Özcan recently gone through difficult periods in the country and the nation of Turkey, he said it should fulfill its duties and responsibilities on everyone.

Özcan noted that they have fulfilled their duties properly and will try to bring them forward, and that the last 15 has gone a long way in highway passenger transportation.

Mr. Özcan stated that TOFED was established in 2005 for the development of the sector and he talked about the national and international activities.

Özcan, reminiscent of last year's serious efforts to update the transport legislation, which is one of the major problems of the sector, reported that new legislation was published at the beginning of the year.

However, Özcan said that their expectations were not fully met and added: Öz Some of the innovations we have requested should be included in the new legislation. It is stated that a new workshop will be held. Our expectation is the realization of this workshop as soon as possible. B

Ozcan, Istanbul 15 July Democracy Bus Station in the previous remarks on the move, recalling the bus station they do not want to move, the current location is very appropriate for them, he said.

Pirate transportation problem continues to keep its place in the agenda of voicing Ozcan, asked to increase the audits on this issue.

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