Wagon Repair Factory Tender Sent To ÖYK For Approval

The process of transferring the wagon repair factory (VOF) building and the area to the Turkish Red Crescent is reportedly coming to an end. The Privatization Administration sent the Red Crescent's proposal to the Privatization High Council to be approved and approved in the tender. Kızılay will evaluate the factory and the area with two separate projects and will establish a logistics center next to the construction of disaster housing and contribute to the Malatya industrialist.

Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci and Turkish Red Crescent President Dr.Kerem Kınık provided a preliminary presentation of the projects to be carried out at the Wagon Repair Factory and Red Crescent Wagon Repair Plant.

-İhale in the AGB await approval

The Chairman of the Turkish Red Crescent, Dr.Kerem Kınık, who is from Malatya, said, “Malatya had a problem with a Wagon Repair Factory and this problem has been trying to be overcome for years. With the leadership of our Minister of Customs and Trade, Mr. Bülent Tüfenkci, with his paving the way for us, the tender was held under the Privatization Administration. Our offer as Red Crescent in the privatization tender was received positively and sent to the Privatization High Council. This proposal was approved by the Privatization High Council (ÖYK) and became official. kazanWe will start this investment as soon as possible.” said.

- konut There will be a facility that can produce fast and economical housing -

Thousands of people will be employed at the factory, indicating that Xinx Kınık said:

Ecek The factory will be strengthened primarily, where a factory with a closed area of ​​approximately 52 thousand square meters will be undergoing a repair. Here we will produce a production line within the products we will try to produce. This production line will produce not only one container with products such as prefabricated, container, light steel which will produce the shelter systems we need in disaster periods, but also a system. We will plan the living areas together with waste water treatment plants and energy producing facilities integrated with the health centers and schools, and will be able to produce fast and economical houses that can serve not only disaster based but also municipalities in urban transformation. This facility will be the social camps. We foresee an employment of about one thousand 500. 80 white collar, 400 blue collar inside the factory and around one thousand will also employ assembly personnel on the field, will form the employment of a thousand 500 people. Moreover, due to the geographical location of Malatya, the presence of this facility on the silk road from China to London will make this region more attractive at the export point.

- Logistics Center is established for the export of Turkey

Kınık stated that they will establish Lojsitik Center next to the factory and they will present the Ekatya economy and added:

Uz If Mr. Bülent Tüfenkci, the Minister of Customs and Trade, deems it appropriate, we consider a second investment as Red Crescent. This is a Logistics Center that can serve the region with its general meaning. We consider this Logistics Center a Logistics Center investment that will be in compliance with the standards that will increase the storage life of the agriculture-based industry in our region and which will increase its storage life and maintain its quality during transportation. This will be an investment required by our apricot producer in Malatya. In this sense, not only our textile-based industry, but also our textile industry, our small industrialists will need, in this sense, our traders in this sense, and the region's trade and industrial products not only to Malatya, but also to the Middle East can quickly market in the sense of a Logistics Center investment planning. We have received extraordinary support from Mr. Bülent Tüfenkci, the Minister of Customs and Trade. I would like to thank you both as a Malatya and as a Red Crescent. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Bülent Tüfenkci, the Minister of Customs and Trade, for speeding up the processes in the bureaucracy and for his political leadership. "

- üret 12 will start production after the place delivery ecek

Kınık stated that they were planning to move to production after the delivery of the factory to 12 and said, yer After the approval of this factory Privatization High Council, after the delivery of the place, our plans have been designed in a way that will start production in 12 months. This is going to be at an R & D Center, with new patents. Therefore, it will be a place that can contribute to the export potential of Malatya, which can contribute to a very fast economic life. Dolayısıyla

- "Not only in Turkey, the region needs a factory in the country"

The Customs and Trade Minister Bulent TÜFENKÇİ not only in Turkey, explaining that established in Malatya, a modern factory in the world in its sector, "the Turkish Red Crescent really oppressed in the world, eyes filled with active timely help to the victims, not only in Turkey, the world's respected one of its organizations. In this sense, we thank our fellow Red Crescent President Kerem Kınık and his entire team. which is important to Malatya, in fact we have seen a significant investment for Turkey's economy, we are here have made a beginning. Standing idle for years, and every Malatyan fellow countrymen, sohbet The agenda of the Malatya Wagon in Repair Plant, he started what would that dot the area, especially in Malatya Growth Centers Program receiving and 6TH Red Crescent together with the benefit from the incentives Chairman Kerem Kinik presidents vision and the Turkish Red Crescent's vision together with the particular Turkey this area ' God willing, we want to raise the foundations of a modern factory in this sense, which is needed in our nearby geographies, perhaps in the world. For us, this will be a complicated investment where urgent solutions are produced to meet the needs of the needy in much more modern conditions, from housing needs to housing needs, both at the point of export and at the point of foreign dependency, as well as with a new modeling. I congratulate you. I hope from God Almighty that Malatya will be beneficial to our country, and I wish it to be beneficial to our country. " he spoke.

- ”This is going to be the Logistics Center -

Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci said:

In There are indeed thousands of 500 people who have the potential to invest in R & D investments, some of which are also in the Logistic sense, right next to the Railways. One side railways, one side highways, a little soon with the airline, together with the incentives of our accelerated train project, the ports of the 3-4 an hour away from this area, especially in terms of logistics is very important to evaluate. Especially with the contribution of the Ministry of Transport of this region, we made its infrastructure. Here, we have a Regional Directorate of Customs, this area is a very suitable area for complete logistics. Hopefully, we will give you the support we need in order to realize this investment with the processing of the factory. Together with Kızılay, we will make this a Logistics Center. K

- bu Being in Malatya is also the beauty of this business -

TÜFENKÇİ "This investment is needed in Turkey. This is an investment that the countries of the region need in our region. This is an investment that our Red Crescent needs. This is a very accurate investment with the meaning. It is also the beauty of Malatya. Because the Malatya 6. It benefits from all the incentives and advantages of the region. Bölge

Tüfenkci stated that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım were informed of all developments regarding the investment of Red Crescent in the Wagon Repair Factory and stated that the Privatization High Council was also instructed in order to transfer the area to Kızılay in a short time. Tüfenkci said, T We will soon deliver the area to Kızılay. 12 will make it work in the month as they have committed after Kızılay. Leri

Source: Burhan KARADUMAN, Yeni Malatya Gazetesi- malatyahaber.com

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