Tests in the Second Stage of Üsküdar-Çekmeköy Metro

Test drives continue in the Yamanevler-Mines section of the Üsküdar-Sancaktepe metro line, which serves as the first driverless subway of Istanbul and returns to the snake story of the entire stage.

According to the news of Zeynel Yaman from Sabah newspaper, signaling tests are being carried out in order to ensure that the line, the first phase of which was opened in January, is to be served in August at the latest. The tests, which continue with the technical approval of international accredited institutions, are carried out without any 100 percent error and proceed to the next stage.


Tests carried out by international accredited organizations are carried out by 24 hourly driving with empty subway cars. The adaptation and controllability of the signaling of the wagons is measured and security measures are reviewed according to all possibilities. According to the end schedule of the tests will be given the day for the opening. Metropolitan Municipality officials are planning to open the line until August at the latest. The subway line, whose technical infrastructure and details are over, will serve as one of the most important transportation networks of the Anatolian side. Metrobüs, Marmaray, direct access to sea transport will increase the comfort of public transport and reduce vehicle traffic.

Source: ZEYNEL YAMAN - www.sabah.com.t is



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