TCDD 2018 Year of Transportation Officer-Sen with First JCC Meeting

📩 24/12/2018 21:59

The first institution administrative board meeting of 2018 was held between the Transport Officer-Sen and the TCDD General Directorate. Representative of Transport Officer-Sen, President Can Cankesen, Vice-Presidents İbrahim Uslu, Kenan Çalışkan and TCDD General Directorate Departments Attended. 14 items were discussed at the meeting.


1-2018 1-XNUMX will be opened at XNUMX-XNUMX. Opening the exam for these titles as soon as possible in order to ensure peace of mind,

2- Providing security personnel to prevent possible security weaknesses under the designated staff, especially the stations, Appointment of civil servants at the request of the security officers who exceed the age of 45,

3- Including Izmir and Haydarpaşa Port personnel; opening of a wide range of electronic transport and personnel recruitment by considering personnel transfer requests across the entire organization;

4- Reduction of allocated accommodation quota in the allocation of job places, increasing the quota allocated places, delivering the housings to the personnel in the form of maintenance and testing the earthquake resilience and evaluating the problematic lodgings for the necessary operations and presenting the service buildings that are empty on the edge of Istanbul Küçükçekmece to the use of the staff as a social facility.

5- Reducing the number of titles by making the name combinations without leading to personnel grievances,

6-3. Implementation of protective food aid from the period collective bargaining articles,

7- Prevention of the grievances that may be experienced by adding these issues as an item in all tenders and direct procurements in order to provide the Railway Maintenance personnel, who are accompanied by the third parties, in the works and trips to the construction site, and to cover all the Railway Maintenance and Repair Directorates. allocation of control vehicles,

8-739 to be changed by making an additional part of the Chief of Tavşanlı.

9- Amasya Gar is under the supervision of the muslimas removed, the trains continue for at least 70 km in the opposite direction until the station is turning and turning here. Preventing accidents and incidents that may occur in the opposite direction due to repeated traffic in Amasya Gar Chiefship,

10- Due to long-term personnel of the Railway Maintenance and Repair Chiefs of the Ministry of Rail Maintenance and Maintenance Supervisors to make the necessary arrangements for the payment of the difference between the wage differences with the Maintenance Maintenance Chief of the railway and the central and off-center road maintenance and maintenance staff on the grounds that the payment of unpaid touring the payment of non-paid tour fee compensation,

11- Providing that those who have the necessary conditions from the Road and Passage Control Officers are the Line Maintenance Repair Officers at the workplace,

12- Within the scope of the clothing assistance instructions to be made to the officers, it is ensured that the port ambar chiefs benefit from the clothing goods supplied to the personnel,

13-2018 / 4 According to the Circular of the Prime Ministry, the staff of all of our employees who started to work in the public sector from the quota or from the quota of the martyrs or veterans, and ensure the employment of those who have sufficient conditions from these employees as civil servants,

Change of title as Guardian Security Chief of Protection Group Chiefs of 14-

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