TÜLOMSAŞ Cannot Be Disabled in the National Train

Describing the cancellation of the YHT set to TÜLOMSAŞ, the cancellation of the tender after the cancellation of the great loss of the name of Eskişehir on behalf of ETO President Guler, the investment for this investment 3 years and all kinds of infrastructure should be used to benefit from this accumulation of the company, he said.

TCDD General Directorate, 96 pieces of the ads of pre-qualification tender for the High Speed ​​Train sets production following the publication in November last year, as a transfer center and the local main vehicle manufacturers technology projects in Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) was determined. Following the cancellation of the tender, TÜLOMSAŞ, who criticized the decommissioning of the Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce Chairman Metin Güler, "TÜLOMSAŞ'in abandoning the construction of the main vehicle manufacturer, Eskişehir will cause a great loss," he said.

Noting that Eskişehir, which is the city that manufactured the first national locomotive Karakurt and the first domestic automobile Revolution, and TÜLOMSAŞ should be the center of the national industry, Metin Güler is disturbed by the deactivation of the company in the "High Speed ​​Train (YHT) tender. Eskişehir, a railway city with more than 100 years of experience in the railway industry, has all kinds of infrastructure for the production of YHT. I think TÜLOMSAŞ should benefit from this knowledge. TÜLOMSAŞ has been preparing for this investment for 3 years. Many preparations have been made from qualified human resources to production lines to production lines. If TÜLOMSAŞ is a contractor as originally planned in YHT investments, the city economy will also fly. First and foremost, Turkey's all over and we expect the industry to invest in Eskisehir over 100 companies from around the world. Production of YHT in Eskişehir means that many investments from spare parts to heavy industry come to the city. We think that qualified industry should be encouraged. Unfortunately, Eskişehir has always been treated as a step son in incentives. I think there is a lack of representatives representing the city in this regard. ”

Stating that there is a problem of cooperation between the central and local governments, Güler said, çeken We see that there is not much effort being made to take the city forward. I think that at least in the previous years there should be no tie-free meetings and work should be done to form a city lobby. En TÜLOMSAŞ emphasized the need to be valued with the values ​​such as Text Guler, all the city should give support, he said. Guler, "published last year, Turkey's first industrial enterprises list 500 located in TÜLOMSAŞ is sad to take place this year on behalf of the city. if supported by YHT Project TÜLOMSAŞ to aspire to the politicians and the public in the list of Turkey's first 500 Industry Organization may take in the first place, "he said.

Ikal A common road map should be drawn for Eskişehir's investment policies “

Noting that Eskişehir's leading sectors are food, aerospace and ceramics, new sectors should be added to the city. Güler underlined that new brands should be created especially in the field of information, software and hardware in order to take place among the brands of 500 industry in Eskişehir. Güler noted that the potential and industrial experience of Eskişehir does not match the current success chart and pointed out that Eskişehir could make much bigger exports and sales with its trained human resources and advanced technology industry. In order to move Eskişehir trade and industry forward, to increase the volume of the economy, Güler said that all the institutions and organizations and politicians in the city had a duty to create a common road map in order to determine the economic policies of Eskişehir and to determine which areas to invest in. According to the qualifications that draw the vision of the economy, institutions and organizations acting in partnership with the prominent cities. If Eskişehir moves in this direction, great jobs can be achieved in a very short term, Esk he said.

Saying that Eskişehir needs to continue its experience and quality in the aviation sector, Metin Güler said, gerekti Special incentives should be provided to Eskişehir in the field of aviation and strategies should be determined in this direction in the medium and long term. Thus, we can attract more investors from abroad for the aviation sector. Böylece

“We made an economic contribution with the Fair and Congress Center”

Eskişehir Fair Convention Center (EFKM), the completion rate of 95 3-4 and XNUMX-XNUMX in the month of the opening of the negotiations on the operation of the center will start soon and an autonomous structure believes that they should undertake the business. Güler said, or We are working towards making the center self-manageable and independent. Because we want to be executed with the right model, Çünkü he said.

When they decided to make EFKM, they stated that they had an 22 million TL in their cash register, whereas they signed a turnkey project with an amount of 74 million TL. Anahtar But if we were to do so now, the auction price would be 150-160 million TL. Eskişehir's property was used in the construction of the center, so it was added to the city's economy. Merkez

Life center for elderly and needy members

Güler said that ETO has projects to establish an 'Advanced Life Center' to enable them to live better quality and socialize for their aging members, and that this center will be the place to host 100 and 125 people. Güler said that if there is a suitable place outside the city, they will focus on this issue for a year and they will form a model about the management of this center.

”Airport must be added to Eskişehir“

Hasan Polatkan, who is a member of Anadolu University, said that the airport should be opened for domestic flights and that all the initiatives have been unrequited and the airport is not available. Güler or We expect that 300-400 will serve more than a thousand passengers per year if the airport is opened for domestic flights. There's something wrong with this place. This can be done with a new business model. Operation of the airport is not possible with this model. There were entrepreneurs who invested in air transport. But there are so many procedures that, unfortunately, can not get a result, Ama he said.

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