Related to Tram Planned in Trabzon Description

In order to accelerate the traffic problem in Trabzon and to facilitate urban transportation, the Light Rail System Project is planned to be carried out by Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) Civil Engineering Department, Department of Transportation. Dr. Atakan Aksoy made statements to 61saat.

Aksoy stated that a Light Rail System Project which will start to be constructed without establishing a new platform in Trabzon will be a problem. Building a rail system on existing platforms does not solve the problem. It produces a bigger problem. Because without a new expropriation, a new route without specifying a route route, the line to be made, the current platform will take at least one lane. Already the current highway is not enough for the current traffic. In other words, when you bring the rail system in a situation where the current traffic cannot meet the capacity, there is a number of vehicle increase traffic composition and therefore larger traffic generates problems for Trabzon. Yani

Explaining the need for expropriations for the Aksoy rail system için The rail system can be proposed as a solution for Trabzon, but a new expropriation is needed for this. For this reason, this rail system to Tanjat or Maras Street is not right now. The rail system to be built has to be leveled and it is necessary to add a new platform to the existing platform. or new expropriations that large amounts of costs will be in question, so planning should be done very accurately. da he said.

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