Topbaş's One Project is Rafa

A project of former Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbas, who had resigned from his position controversially, was shelved. TCDD decided to renew the old commuter line after the project, which turned the train line between Sirkeci-Kazlıçeşme, which was left idle due to the Marmaray project, to a tramway, was abandoned.

SözcüAccording to the news of Özlem Güvalı from Sirkeci-Halkalı As the suburban line was shifted to Kazlıçeşme -Ayrılıkçeşme line within the scope of Marmaray project, Sirkeci-Kazlıçeşme was completely disabled. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) developed a project for this line, which was deactivated in 2015, when Topbaş is still in office. Preparation was made between the IMM and TCDD to make a protocol for the "Evaluation of the old suburban line between Sirkeci and Yedikule" located in Sirkeci Station. In the IMM Assembly session of 11 March 2015, the İBB President Kadir Topbaş was authorized to prepare a joint service protocol. According to the protocol, the buildings within the historical Sirkeci Railway Station and the railway will be transferred to IMM for 49 years.


Sirkeci Station will be a museum, and the area where the railway line between Sirkeci-Yedikule will be designed as a nature and art park. The 8,5 km long line would be transformed into a tram by IMM. However, it was learned that Kadir Topbaş did not use the signature authority given to him and did not sign the protocol and the project was put on the shelf. With the museum and park arrangement, when the tram project was on the shelf, the idle line in TCDD started to respond to the transportation demands of the citizens.


Deciding to renew the old Sirkeci-Kazlıçeşme line, TCDD will hold a tender on June 26, 2018. According to the technical specifications, a number of arrangements were made at the locations of the stations of the line to be renewed. As Kazlıçeşme station has become the last station of the Marmaray line on the European Side, the new station has been moved south. While Yedikule station will stay in the same place, Kocamustafapaşa Station will be shifted 200 meters east and its name will be changed to “Samatya station”. Yenikapı Station will be rebuilt on Namık Kemal Street. Kumkapı and Cankurtaran stations will remain in the old suburban line. The last stop of the line will be Sirkeci Station. The renewal of the old suburban line is planned to take 350 days.

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