Promotion of the Use of Public Transport Vehicles from Adana Metropolitan

In order to encourage the use of public transport in the city, Adana Metropolitan Municipality prepared a separate map and hung it in the main arteries.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a Regional Transport Guide within the scope of the teşvik Use Public Transport to Keep You at Your Time da project to promote the use of public transport in urban transport. 19, which was prepared in order to make municipality bus, private public bus, minibus and light rail system (metro) more accessible, was hanged on separate map stops in main arteries.


Adana Metropolitan Municipality has been a stakeholder of Bucharest (Romania), Skopje (Macedonia), Amman (Jordan) and Tallinn (Estonia) with the support of the European Union (EU) to reduce transportation density in Europe. In London, Paris, Vienna, Copenhagen and Berlin, European experts came to Adana to develop sustainable proposals that are consistent with the solution policies applied to transportation problems. British Director David Bull and Academician Cavoli Clemence, Researcher Roman Klementschitz of the Institute for Transport Research at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, made observations in Adana.

Smart solutions in the near future

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Şaban Acar in the meeting chaired by the Chamber of Architects, Chamber of Civil Engineers, Chamber of City Planners, TCDD representatives of the current situation of the city and the city's new investments in the near future discussed transportation problems discussed. The technologies and transportation policies of Adana Metropolitan Municipality were evaluated. European experts, the center of entertainment and shopping in Adana, Ziyapaşa Bulvarı'nin pedestrianism made suggestions on the alternative.


According to the results of the meeting, public transport vehicles, public buses, minibuses, light rail (metro) to make the city more accessible to the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep has prepared Regional Transportation Guide. Maps showing the routes of public transport, the location of bus stops and metro stations have emerged. 19 separate map created on the main streets and boulevards of Adana were suspended. The people of the city began to take advantage of these maps to benefit from public transport.

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