Kanal Istanbul Technical Trip from TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers

TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers Istanbul Branch Organized a 'Channel Istanbul Technical Tour' to draw attention to the construction with the Kanal Istanbul Project.

We set out with the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers in Istanbul, to meet the support of the members of the Istanbul City Defense and the Northern Forest Defense. About twenty-five of us. Our first stop will be destroyed by the construction of the Canal Küçükçekmece Lagoon. This swamp area is actually the breeding center of birds. There are bird watchers in the group. We're careful not to scare birds. Binoculars are set up and we're queuing to look at birds. In the area, we spend an hour accompanied by great images. We see big birds, coots, longs, small egret, gray herons, hawks, saz delicas, queen's midwife, prairie swallow, stork, jackdaw, sparrow, magpie.


Ği Birds are using the Çatalca Peninsula for the rest, nutrition, accommodation and the areas of the planned Canal Istanbul Project during migration, in said Dilek Geçit, a short-sighted birdwatcher. A large number of waterfowl are coming to the wetlands in the Çatalca Peninsula to spend the winter. The project will affect thousands of birds negatively. Filling the Black Sea coast in the north of Karaburun and Terkos; The facilities will pose a great threat to their migratory birds and coastal birds in the Black Sea and cause their death. tesis


Together with life advocates and engineers who have completed their investigations here, we set out for the historical Yarımburgaz Cave, which will be opened for construction with the Kanal Istanbul Project. There are two very important archaeological sites on the project route. One of them is Bathonea, where the Hittite trail first appeared in Istanbul, illuminating the trade network between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and the other is the Halfburgaz Cave, where our ancestors accommodated on the road to Europe. Archaeologist Berna Polat stated that the protection of these areas is given priority when preparing such projects in developed countries. Unfortunately, the absence of any of these here makes the issue even worse. ”


Oktay Teke, the headman, welcomes us in the village of Sazlibosna among the greenery we have visited. Teke, the village headman of four hundred households, is anxious. . We don't know anything, en said Teke, imiz What goes there. Nobody makes a single statement. Before the Channel Istanbul Project, there were six hundred real estate agents in Arnavutköy. Currently the number is 6 thousand. The parcel will sell the parcels of the people's land. If the state nationalizes our lands and plots to landlords, we will not halal our rights. Why are you making this rent? Why are 150-200 victims of this land for years? When the channel opens, there will be very serious dust. A half and a half of m3 excavation will be emptied. They reduce our quality of life. We are happy here, we were happy. Most of the villagers will be. How to resist. How will we counter the state? If we were to protest against 1500. They'll smoke us all with smoke and gas. Gaz


The villagers are looking at us with curious eyes. The average age of those in the village coffee is on 50. In the village of the Channel Istanbul Project has also confirmed the opposition. One of the protesters is Uncle Ismail. , I am against this channel, “said Ismail Uncle, e the channel has no use in Istanbul, our village. I don't want to spoil the beauty of this nature. All of our surroundings have been concrete. One of us is an industry, one is an airport, one is a residence, one is TOKI. We want greenery. What will be the benefit of the channel Istanbul in this time. With so many unemployed. It's not a party thing, it's our problem. No matter which party I am against, I will oppose this beauty. Hangi Our uncle, who does not want to give his name to the ones confirming the Channel Istanbul project, said: No zoning permit. You can't hit a nail here. People have to live. We're gonna marry our child, we have a place. We need a house. But they won't let me. Our children went to other places. The village is over. They won't let us live here, Zaten he said. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has approved that there are people who do not oppose the project. But they said they didn't know about the project.


Finally, TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers and life advocates at the village coffee house carried out a press release. Raşit Fırat Deniz, a member of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers, said: ım Istanbul, which has been one of the main centers of ecological destruction for the last 15 years, has been the focus of killer projects. While the water resources and basins in the clamp of the killer projects are being destroyed, the Northern Forests, which are the lungs of Istanbul, are removed from the nature of the forest and the zoning is opened. Agriculture and pasture areas, which are the main livelihoods of the people living in the areas where the killer projects are planned, will be opened for zoning and there is no option other than leaving the living areas for the people of the region. While Istanbul air pollution is at a critical point, the killer Kanal Istanbul Project both removes the lungs of Istanbul and foresees the transport of excavations to the city by winds ili. Deniz said lastly: “Kanal Istanbul Project, 3. Airport Project, urban transformation projects and similar projects to kill the mega projects urgently to stop, cancel, which is under the threat of these projects Küçükçekmece Lagoon basin ecological structure, biodiversity, the preservation of life memory, life is a necessity to continue.


Before setting off for our return, we stop by the project-affected Durusu village to have a snack. Here, former CHP Durusu Town Chairman Ahmet Polat greets us. He takes him to a small home-cooked restaurant called 'Suzinin Yeri'. A short with Polat sohbet we do. Polat said, “These are always expropriation areas. Now you cannot hammer a single nail, this is our biggest problem. İSKİ, on the one hand, on the one hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, the Canal Project, in other words, they have bored us. The problem of the livelihood of the citizen started now. They were doing stockbreeding, when the forest was gone, animal husbandry ended. The airport surrounded this place. Everyone sells the goods left by their grandparents. The citizen here is the victim. I say, let my child build a house to marry, they do not allow. They referred my child to the outgoing migration event. We have no right to live, ”he says.

Photo: Action Nazlıer / Evrensel

Source : www.evrensel.net

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