TCDD's YHT Fleet Expands

Association of the Republic of Turkey State Railways Kontrolür (DEMKOND) Chairman Mehmet Kara was a visit to Konya Domination newspaper. Regarding railway investments, Mehmet Kara, the editor in chief of the newspaper Dursun Seyis, said that the new high-speed train set will be delivered one month after the 26 month and the other 9 set will be delivered after 36 months.

Mr. Mehmet Kara, who stated that he came to Konya for a series of visits, said that high-speed train investments continued unabated. Tender of the first high-speed train set in March, the 26 set at the latest 9 month after the 36 month, which will begin to serve the month, 10 set high-speed train will travel in the new high-speed train lines by saying, with the arrival of the set of the number of voyages may also increase according to demand. .

The construction of the Sivas line, indicating that the Kara, Yerkoy-Sivas railway route of the first stage of the first stage of the laying of the rails, said that the construction of the Yerkoy-Ankara line is progressing rapidly. In addition, the railway line between Pendik and Haydarpaşa will be completed by the end of the year, the construction of the Izmir line is continuing and before the Afyon-Uşak after Ankara-Afyon and then Uşak-Izmir stage will be put into service. After the Izmir line of Polatli to the Afyon side of the expressing Mehmet Kara, the opening of this line will be implemented in the Konya-Izmir high-speed train link, he said.

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