The Love of Music of the Train Organization Officer Working at TCDD

24-year-old Ali Sevim, who works as a train organizer at Manisa Station, is dealing with music in the remnants of his job.

Ali Sevim, who is a young musician 24 who is from Manis, works with music in his spare time besides his main job as a train constructor. Sevim, who has been involved with music since 2006, makes recordings in his studio in his spare time and prepares songs for Manisaspor and companies. Young musician is waiting for support from Manisans.

Sevim stated that he has set up a recording studio in his own house. Sevim continued his words as follows: et I made songs to various companies, including Manisaspor, to various places. In 2012-2013 I got a job. 5 is the year TCDD 3. I work at the Regional Directorate. I worked in different regions. Finally, I work in Manisa. We set the paths for trains. We are accepting stations here. We set the input and output paths. We're building the trains. Whether the railroad cars merge, get the freight trains. On the one hand I work on the railroad and on the other hand I am working on music. Our biggest problem is support. We expect support from the people of Manisa. I think we can always come to better places as long as it supports. It can be much better if we get support. Dest

Sevim rap music is expressed in the style, "I'm usually rap music. Promotional songs are happening. We make songs if offers come from companies. We recently signed a project and released a clip. As long as we find space, I try to spend time with work. We write our lyrics ourselves, we get our record in our studio. We're pulling ourselves together and assembling. The only thing we expected to see was resting, resting. I'm using Fire Suhan. There were cases in me. I decided to spill it on paper. I told them to bring them together. Then our brothers and sisters had a dream of this way by taking lessons from them. Imiz He said.

Source: Manisa Kulis News

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:27

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