TCDD Machinist Salaries How Much?

Who is a machinist, how to be a machinist
Who is a machinist, how to be a machinist

Transportation to our country, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry of the investments made by Turkey's networks all over the iron continues to be built. Freight trains, slow and high speed trains are made differently every day, while train services are known to be more affordable than other transportation.

Since many people are dreaming of train, being a mechanic is one of the most popular jobs. However, many people do not know the salaries of the mechanic TCDD we provide information about the salaries of the machinists.


Through the official website of TCDD, there is no clear information about the train driver and mechanic salary. However, with the answers received from the machinist mechanic overall average of Turkey 3.200 TLstarting from To 4.500 TL It was learned that the salaries were received up to Of course, these salaries are effective in details such as graduation status and hours worked.

In order to become a machinist, TCDD must first publish an advertisement. After the announcement of TCDD, candidates take the necessary exams to make their applications to become a machinist, and candidates who are successful at the end of these exams receive trainings that can last for a few years. After the training, candidates start working as TCDD machinists. - IsinOlsa

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