Today in History: 1 June 1958 Iskenderun Arsus TCDD

Today in History
1 June 1927 Vasfi (Tuna) Bey, a military inspector on the railways, was appointed to the General Directorate of National Struggle in the National Struggle. Sarıkamış-Arpaçayı (1085 km) was transferred to DDY Public Directorate. The line was made by the Russians at 124. Erzurum-Sarıkamış (1913 km) was purchased by DDY. It was built by Russians in X232. Filyos-Irmak line construction started at Filyos. The construction was carried out by the Swedish-Danish partnership Nydqvist Holm.
1 June 1929 1482 has passed the law on granting 240 million grants for water works with railways and ports.
1 June 1931 date and 1815 with the law Mudanya-Bursa railway 50.000 TL. purchased in return.
1 June 1934 Balıkesir-Eskipazar (65 km) opened. Construction Sweden-Denmark Grb. Made. The 0rtaköy-Bolkuş line was commissioned.
1 June 1944Tavşanlı-Tunçbilek line (15 km) was opened.
1 June 1957 The miniature 2 train in Ankara Youth Park started to work under the names Mehmetçik and Efe.
1 June 1958 İskenderun Arsus TCDD Recreation Facility was opened.

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