Summer Application for Selcuk from IZBAN

İZBAN increased the number of daily trips between Selçuk-Tepeköy and 20 to 26 in order to facilitate transportation to Selçuk, one of the most important centers of cultural tourism in our country and to respond to the demand of passengers rising during the summer.

In order to facilitate the transportation of passengers to Selçuk, one of the most important cultural tourism centers of our country, İZBAN increased the number of voyages between Tepeköy and Selçuk to 26 per day. Thanks to the increase in the number of daily flights with 20, İZBAN will be able to meet the demand of passengers rising during the summer period and will provide easier transportation to passengers with more voyages. According to the new planning, the first time from Tepeköy will be in 06: 25 and the last time will be in 22: 05. The first train from Selçuk will be at 05: 50, while the last train will be at 21: 25. All trains departing from Selçuk will work integrated with Tepeköy-Cumaovasi sets. The application will continue until the winter period.

The line of IZBAN, which extends the length of the line from 110 to 136, was launched on 8 September 2017. Thanks to Selçuk Station, which is one of the most extreme points in the south line of İzmir, access to the ancient city of Ephesus, which is in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage, becomes very easy and the tourism paradise Kuşadası is one step closer to İzmir.

Works that will ensure the extension of İZBAN to Bergama continue on the other hand. When the Pergamum line is activated, the line length will reach 185. In a sense, a cultural bridge of 185 thousand meters consisting of rails between two cultural capitals Bergama and Ephesus will be established.


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