Smart Junction Relieves Inegöl Traffic

The first of the Smart Junction applications, designed by İnegöl Municipality in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality and aimed to bring at least 20 percent solution to the traffic problem in the main arteries of the city, was implemented at the shopping center. Mayor Alper Taban, who made an examination in the area after the completion of the 'smart signalization intersection' studies, said, “We see that traffic is more comfortable with the new system.”

The application of İnegöl's first intelligent signaling junction model was completed. At the junction of AVM, in cooperation with İnegöl and Bursa Metropolitan Municipalities, the intersection of the intersection was realized.


Inegol Mayor Alper Taban, the AVM junction completed the study found. During the investigation, the Mayor made a statement and said, ada I wanted to see where the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality started and completed the crossroads. On the one hand, we see asphalt works, paving stones and paving stones on the one hand, and smart signaling on the one hand. With the completion of these studies, traffic is relieved in this region.

Stating that the drone was done before the smart junction model was applied, President Taban said, “In this context, drone cameras were shot and measurements were made. As a result of these censuses, they observed which direction and percentage of the drivers continued and put them in the reports. This is an important point in our city. So this is where the entry and exit are made. It is also the point that connects to Alanyurt direction. In terms of road widths, additional arms were tried to be gained. And in terms of storage areas, our friends have done the necessary work on smart green signaling and how much green light to whom and how much red light on the transition routes. Good luck to our İnegöl ”.

Base, stating that pedestrians and drivers should be sensitive as well as the arrangement, ve At this point, only the structural arrangements are not enough, here I want to express once again that the pedestrians and the drivers should support it. Observing the rules, especially when you get closer to this intersection point, you see the health points were released. Not included in the signaling. It can easily move in the case of right turn at right turn point. Whoever goes towards that route, if he progresses in that lane, then I believe that everything will be more comfortable. Orsa

Taban also thanked Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in his statement and said: “I present my gratitude to our Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor. I would also like to thank the valuable team. Yes, we said 15 days, but sometimes goals may not meet. But it's not like stopping or slowing down the business. The work was a little late, but the important thing is that it does its functionality in the final of the work. It is much more important to us that the calculations and books are done correctly. We see that traffic is more comfortable with the new system. I wish the new system to be beneficial to our Inegol. ”

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 22:14

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