First Rails Installed on Sekapark-Beach Road Tram Line

📩 24/12/2018 22:09

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Akçaray tram line in addition to the project is planned to work Sekapark-Beach route line continues. Akçaray, frequently used by the citizens, the first rails of Sekapark-Plajyolu line was laid with a ceremony today and it was symbolically made by President İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu. President Karaosmanoğlu, who symbolically welds the first rails in Sekapark-Plajyolu line; Akçaray started the works that will extend the tram line to the beach road. We aim to take the rail system to every corner of Kocaeli. Turkey no longer has the strength to do these kinds of projects, "he said.

The first rails of Sekapark-Plaj Yolu line, which was designed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in addition to Akçaray tram line, were laid with a ceremony. In addition to the Metropolitan Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Mr. Zeki Aygün, Secretary General of Metropolitan Municipality İlhan Bayram, Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Altay, Deputy Secretary General Ali Yeşildal, İSU General Manager Ali Sağlık, contractor firm officials, employees and numerous citizens attended.

Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu who symbolically welds the first rails of the line with a ceremony; Ik We started a new era in transportation in Kocaeli. Rail system period. Kocaeli is growing every year. We are working on the Izmit and Gebze lines which are one of the busiest regions. We have now greatly relieved our Izmit with our Akçaray tram line and we have seen a great interest of our people. Now we are extending our work to 4,5 km towards the beach. We will also switch to Kuruçeşme in time. In the future, we will extend our line towards the city hospital district, Alikahya district and the stadium. From the central areas to the edge areas, we will switch from the rubber wheel to the rail system. We are also planning to take the rail system towards the districts later on. Daha

GEBZE BRANCH will end in 4,5 YEAR
Underlining that the studies will not be enough, President Karaosmanoğlu said; Ecek These studies will not be enough in the long run. So we're going to continue with the metro system. We have made our tender in Gebze and determined our contractor. immediately after the feast will hit our first dig. We're gonna start making tunnels under the ground stations. Our metro line in Gebze; 32 km tunnel and 16 station, 4,5 year by finishing, we are aiming to offer our people before the 2023. Gebze metro, 2 will be a big investment exceeding half a billion bu said.

After the subway work in Gebze, Mr. Karaosmanoğlu stated that they have started the Metro planning and project works in the Gulf, Derince, Izmit and Kartepe regions. Ecek Our project, which will start from the south of our Körfez district, will pass through the busiest areas of Derince and İzmit and proceed towards the direction of Kartepe. When we bring our metro system to the Izmit region after Gebze region, there will be a great relief in traffic. We will introduce every corner of Kocaeli to the rail system in time. Wheeled vehicles will not be victimized. In non-rail areas, the rail system will be integrated and will continue to carry passengers. Turkey no longer has the strength to carry out such projects. Get good luck in Kocaeli''he said.

There will be 4 station in Sekapark - Plajyolu line project to be constructed in two parts. In the scope of the works, the old culverts and bridges were demolished and new ones were built. The first part of the Seka State Hospital - School District with a thousand 600 meters will be offered to the students who are studying in 300 days. The second part of the 600 meter, which will be completed later in the project, will be completed in 240 days. The whole project will be completed in 540 days.

In daily use, the new station will be built on the Akçaray Tram line, which citizens often prefer. Even stations with a length of 4 km will be located at Seka State Hospital, Convention Center, Schools District and Beachway. With the addition of the 2.2 km tram line to the existing tram line 15 km, the length of the tram line in Kocaeli will be increased to 5 km.

In addition to the 12 vehicle running on the existing tram line of the Metropolitan Municipality, the new tramway project for the new tram line project will be launched. As a result of the circular of the relevant ministry, at least 6 of the tramway vehicles will be composed of vehicles produced by domestic production. In addition to the 51 tram, the total number of tram cars will be increased to 12 with the addition of the new tramway vehicle 6.

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