Security Team of Istanbul New Airport Started Training

Security officers who will work at Istanbul New Airport (IYH), which will provide employment for 225 thousand people, started training. The security personnel selected by IGA, who undertook the construction and operation of the new airport for 25 years, will work in July after completing his vocational training at Hasan Kalyoncu University Continuing Education Center, which is authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM).

In the same center, train officers and operation personnel who will work at the new airport are also given trainings. On the other hand, the new airport in Istanbul, with 3 thousand 500 people, security staff, the airport will have the most security officers in Turkey.

Training of the security personnel who will work at INA started yesterday at Hasan Kalyoncu University Continuing Education Center in Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul. Vocational training courses for those who will start working at the airport, the first phase of which is scheduled to open on October 29, are held at the training center approved by SHGM.

Trainings are given by specialized trainers in their fields. Fahri Inceçelikli, Öcal Aşkın Şahin, Serdar Kerti, Coşkun Tuna, Türker Peker and Cem Yamaner are among the educators. The staff selected by IGA Human Resources will be in business in July after passing the vocational training at this training center. In addition to safety training, the center also provides training for cabin crews and operation personnel.


In order to become a security officer to work under the roof of İGA Güvenlik Hizmetleri A.Ş., he completed his military service, preferably under 35 years of age, and is required to work in shifts. Those who want to work under these conditions can make job applications from İGA liaison offices.

Candidates whose applications have been approved are subject to a comprehensive basic education at international standards after being interviewed. For female and male security officers employed, the maximum number of free 4 lodgings and social space will be allocated on request.

In addition, 3 thousand 500 people will be employed with this team IYHA security guard, the airport will have the most security officers in Turkey. Hasan Kalyoncu University Training Center Coordinator Suat Pinar, the aviation sector is the fastest growing sector in Turkey, noting that one of qualified staff shortages of the most important needs, said they try to shut down the staff experts in these open centers.

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