Response from Kocamaz to the Allegation of Transportation Problem to Mersin City Hospital

At the press conference held at the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Convention and Exhibition Center, President Kocamaz responded to the allegations that Mersin City Hospital was experiencing difficulties in transportation. Veren Mersin City Hospital is being provided with continuous transportation. Toplantı Burhanettin Kocamaz, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, has recently been in the press and public opinion. Mersin City Hospital and the Metropolitan Municipality of Mersin as a responsible for the problem of access to the news they made statements about the news.

Since the day they took office as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, not to create transportation problems in Mersin, but to solve the transportation problems that they are carrying out the work of the President Kocamaz, alleged that there was no problem in access to the City Hospital said. Another Kocamaz said, yapıl The news on the transportation to the City Hospital is trying to create a perception as if there are no vehicles going there and people are being persecuted. According to a few dolmuşçunun interpretation of the people are trying to break them up, Birkaç he said.

President Kocamaz stated that they have taken some measures to prevent chaos in terms of transportation in the region since the introduction of the city hospital. Başkan Since the opening of Mersin City Hospital, we did not want the minibuses and minibuses to go there as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality to prevent chaos in that area. Instead, we put free ring services as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. Then, together with Mersin University, as a result of the study on transportation routes, a new route arrangement was made from every region of Mersin to reach the door of the hospital. . And we are currently on the 12,15,18,28,29,32,76 and 79 bus line, which provides transportation to the City Hospital from all parts of Mersin Ve.

Stating that the news about the city hospital was carried out consciously within the framework of a certain scenario, President Kocamaz said, getiren You have seen in the news that the news has been distorted and the event has been directed to different points by directing some public transporters. Of course we were waiting for them in the pre-election process. Those who are uncomfortable against the presidency of the Presidency cannot attack us, but they are trying to carry out such a scenario. But they should know that this scenario will be wasted. Ama

Mersin City Hospital is provided with 8 Separate Line

It is possible to get to Mersin City Hospital from every region of Mersin by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. Moving from different parts of the city, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality public transportation buses 8 carries out City hospital flights with separate lines.

The bus routes 12,15,18,28,29,32,76 and 79 and Mersin City Hospital are the following; Starting from 12 Number Afetevler, AMATEM, Efes Site, İstemihan Talay Street, Nevit Kodallı Street, Göçmen, Pozcu, Muğdat, Silifke Street, Stone Building, Station, Industry, New State, Güneykent Park, Dental Hospital, City Hospital Route Starting from 15 Numbered Hat Tırmıl, Özgürlük Neighborhood, Machinery Supply, Toros State Hospital, İstiklal Street, Hospital Street, Toroslar Municipality, Toros Street, Akbelen, MEŞOT, City Hospital follows the route.

Starting from 18 Numbered Line Machine Supply, Toros State Hospital, Istiklal Street, Hospital Street, Toroslar Municipality, Cavuslu, MEŞOT, City Hospital Route, 28 Doing Departure from Tece, Davultepe, Mezitli, KİPA, University Street, 2 . Environment Road, Forum, Monument, District Governor of Toroslar, Eski Children's Hospital, Republic Houses, City Hospital ends in the route.

Line 29 departing from University Hospital, KİPA, GMK Boulevard, Pozcu, Çetinkaya, Old State Hospital, Agile Force, Çiftçiler Caddesi, Kurdali, Güneykent, Yalınayak, Cumhuriyet Houses, City Hospital route, Line 32 departing from Bağlarbaşı , Huzurkent, Glass Industry, Yakaköy, Kazanlı Junction, Karacailyas Junction, Karaduvar Junction, Turgut Özal Boulevard, Yeni Hal, Yalınayak, Dental Hospital, City Hospital route, Line 76, Departure from Mezitli Yaşar Doğu Street, Soli, İçel Anatolian High School, Viranşehir, Babil Street, GMK Boulevard, University Street, University Hospital, 13. Street, Metro, Gözne Street, Akbelen, MEŞOT, City Hospital route, bus line 79 departing from Taş building, Station, Fabrikalar Street, Hospital Street, GMK Boulevard, Machinery Supply. , Şevket Sümer, Okan Merzeci Boulevard, Selen Junction, Dental Hospital, City Hospital and following the MEŞOT route, it serves citizens who want to enter Mersin City Hospital.

There is also a five-minute free ring line between Mimar Caddesi and the City Hospital.

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