Expanding the road connecting the old Malatya to the Karakaya Dam Lake

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality connects the former Malatya-Karakaya Dam Lake. 8 continues to expand its road in the kilometer.

One of the oldest roads in Malatya, known as the Old Sivas Road, the 2 vehicle can be difficult to cross the 6-meter road is the work of the Metropolitan Municipality 15 meter width is being removed.

Ziraat Vocational High School, Inonu University Agriculture Vocational School, Treatment Facility, which provides access to many places such as road transportation planning in conjunction with the coastal road project. With the planned arrival of Turgut Özal University in the region, it is aimed to complete the road that will decrease the traffic load.

Polat: 8 kilometer of 7 kilometer is extended

Metropolitan Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat gave information about the road works which were carried out by examining the ongoing expansion works on site. Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Sinan Çeçen was also present.

Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat stated that one of the goals of the Metropolitan Municipality is to improve the quality of existing roads and that the 8 kilometer section of the 7 kilometer-long road has been expanded.

Citizens give important support

Stating that the works continued in the 1 kilometer section, President Polat said, ğ Our old Malatya region is an important place for Malatya in terms of tourism. In the spring, infrastructure works and then asphalt and landscaping were carried out. 2 has been expanding on this road for years. We're on the final stage now. We take our very narrow path to the width of the 15 meter. We are expanding our way with the support of our citizens who have gardens in the region. Our citizens gave us places to expand the road. We made stone walls, curtain walls, fences and irrigation canals without causing any damage. Our way will be combined with our coastal road project in transportation planning. Excavation and filling work is currently underway. Our correspondence with TCDD continues in the railway. The train overpass needs to be expanded. Our path will also contribute significantly to the development of the region. Already for our Malatya well, '' he said.



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