Public Transportation is Free during the Holidays in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, before the Ramadan Feast of the people of Mersin to spend a peaceful and comfortable holiday accelerated work. Within the scope of Ramadan Feast preparations, the teams of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality will be in charge of the 24 hours.

Free transportation during Ramadan

Expanding its service network throughout Mersin, the Metropolitan Municipality will continue its additional flights during the month of Ramadan. The public transport services to be provided throughout the province are the 1, 2 and 3. Day will be held free of charge. In addition, by the Metropolitan Municipality for the visit to the cemetery free shuttle service, during the holidays will be organized during the hour of the citizens will be at the service of the citizens.

The police, at Ramadan

The necessary measures were taken before the Ramadan Feast by the teams of Metropolitan Municipality Police Department. In this context, for the health, peace and security of the people of the 24 hour task teams will be on duty, Ramadan Feast will serve the demands and demands of the citizen with uninterrupted service.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Municipal Police Department teams will work on the 24 hour basis for the peace and well-being of the citizens during the Ramadan Feast holiday. Teams working in the centers and settlements of Mersin in the center and districts will be able to take measures and measures during the holidays against the people who read the fake Quran and beggars.

The Traffic Inspection Branch Teams of the Municipal Police Department, which provides the necessary facilities for the travels of the citizens by taking additional measures in the Mersin center and districts and in the bus stops, will also take the necessary measures for the peaceful travel of the citizens during the festival.

Call Center in the Service of Mersin

7 / 24 at the beginning of the Call Center employees during the Ramadan Feast will be at the service of the people of Mersin. Those who make requests and requests from the Metropolitan Municipality, who want to complain about the negativity detected by calling the 444 2 153 during the holiday period will be able to convey their requests, requests and complaints. The presidencies related to the notifications received from the citizens will be ready for the task to eliminate the negativity.

Firefighters at the feast next to the citizens

During the festival will occur during the traffic accidents, search and rescue operations and fire such as disasters, the Fire Department will be on duty. Firefighters who have the necessary training and equipment against various kinds of disaster and danger will continue to be with them during the most difficult time during the holiday.

Feast preparation in cemeteries

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality teams continue their preparations for the Ramadan Feast in cemeteries located in the center and districts of Mersin, and continue their efforts to ensure that citizens can visit the cemetery in the most appropriate way for the Ramadan Feast.

Teapots of the weeds in the cemeteries and the pruning of the trees at periodic intervals, teams, especially for a more aesthetic image of the flower planting continues. The citizens of the graveyard visit to the graveyard during the seasonal flowers to be distributed by the Directorate of Cemetery, the citizens of the lost relatives of the tombs of the relatives of the 5 central cemetery and 13 district cemeteries 120.000 flowers will be distributed in the cemetery.

Mosques preparing for the morning of feast

1523 mosque, Quran course, cem house in places of worship, such as the house of worship in a healthy and hygienic environment to be held throughout the year to continue to be held throughout the year, the cleaning of the place of worship of Ramadan continues in the preparations for the Feast continues. The routines of the mosque, which are routinely carried out, are cleaned in detail by using roses and disinfectants.

Tarsus Animal Park is waiting for visitors in Ramadan

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Tarsus Animal Park, which is prepared to meet the new guests of the animal park with lemurs and Ramadan Feast, is waiting for its visitors with its new animal species.

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