The First Stage of Asphalt Studies in Manisa Center Completed

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality started an intensive asphalt mobilization in order to improve the quality of the roads in the center of Manisa and continued its activities on Mehmetçik Street. With the completion of the paving work on this street, the first stage of the asphalt in the district center will be completed.

Asphalt and road maintenance works carried out by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in the city center continue at full speed. In this context, renovation and asphalt works on Mehmetçik Street are continuing. The curb and road lines are renewed on the street known as the upper road of the State Hospital. Fevzi Demir, Head of Road Construction and Repair Department of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, who reviewed the works at the site, said, “Our work continues as planned. The first stage is completed with the studies here. We also make the necessary renovations regarding broken tiles and pavement. In order to provide a more trouble-free and modern service of the electric buses we will bring to our city, we are also renovating and correcting our intersections. The first stage was completed with the instructions of our Mayor Cengiz Ergün. So far we have made about 6 kilometers of asphalt. We have completed our first stage works without sacrificing our citizens. After the feast, we will start the second stage. Already be good to our citizens, ”he said.



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