Logistic Center An Investment to the History of Samsun

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Şahin welcomed the members of the Delegation of the European Union to the Logistics Center and the officials of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology at Samsun Logistics Center.

Zihni Şahin, the Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, who met with the representatives of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology from the European Logistics Center in Samsun Logistics Center. drew attention to the investment.

Turkey's largest logistics centers bringing them into one of Samsun Samsun together with the express will contribute to Turkey's economy Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor mind Sahin, "Turkey's place in Samsun, the rising surge of development for many years, this investment will provide a major contribution. It said life with a very large budget Logistics Center in Samsun, Turkey started to serve customers from all over the. I sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the realization of this project. I wish that our center, which has great importance for the economic development of Samsun, will be instrumental in the charity. Samsun



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