The Thunderbolt of Harran Bus Terminal

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has made a lot of investments in the district for the development of Harran, which has an important place in world tourism, is now gaining its modern bus terminal to the district.

In the groundbreaking ceremony, President Nihat Çiftçi pointed out that Harran gained a vision with the Metropolitan. He pointed out that the development and transformation took place with the AK governments. The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its investments in the city center and all districts, improves the quality of life by developing all districts. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many projects such as sem market, cultural center, cemetery improvement and so on in Harran, has laid the foundation of the modern bus station which is now one of the most important needs of the district.

President Nihat Çiftçi, who gave a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony, said: uf Staff who have no words, promises, projects and horizons share a stance of us and share a special communication. We shouldn't be here.

AK Party is the home of all of us, the AK Party People's Party. I would like to point out that there will be nothing out of these doodles. We are conducting an election campaign with the AK Party organizations and municipalities, candidates, candidates and all our people who trust us. In 13 county, we have the responsibility of thousands of 400 neighborhoods and we have a very good positive support when we visit them.

With the permission of Allah, this support will not be left unanswered and there will be a more effective government in the new era. Ministries will be carried out by experts. The lawmakers we have elected will make the laws that will open the way for our country in the sense of the legislature and will work to open the way for our President.

Terminal, cultural center, youth center, social facilities, swimming pools and drinking water treatment plants could not be done in the pre-AK Party governments and municipalities. Now we are laying the foundation of the drinking water treatment plant in Suruç.

In the same way, we laid the foundation of drinking water treatment plant and natural gas in Birecik. Municipalities, who could not close their pits and could not clean it, carried out their power in this whole government by taking the power from the President, Ministers and Deputies from their organizations. Daha


Harran Governor Ömer Faruk Çelik said, ız We would like to thank our Mayor Mehmet Özyavuz and Harran who have contributed to all investments made in our district to our Metropolitan Municipality, and to our Mayor, Mr. Nihat Çiftçi, who implemented many projects without blinking. Ç


Harran Mayor Mehmet Özyavuz said, Har The work of our Metropolitan Municipality in Harran is progressing at full speed. Now we are laying the foundation of our bus station, next to the cultural center and street market studies. Indeed, our Harran is taking firm steps to the right place. Gerçekten


Seçim 24 June elections are not a difficult choice but a very important choice. Because we will choose both the President and our deputies. With the permission of the President of the President of God will strengthen his hand with a strong parliament, '' he said.

The President of the AK Party Harran District Mehmet Özyavuz said: zaman The Mayor of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality paid a visit to our district as usual. Now we are making the base of our district bus station. This is not about the work of selection, but all the work we have in the eyes of the Harranites thank them very much, m he said.

After the groundbreaking ceremony, President Nihat Çiftçi and his guests went to the Ramadan brotherhood dinner established in a different district every day by the Metropolitan Municipality and they made iftar with the Harranites here.

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