Red Crescent Metro is in Water, Flights are canceled

Intensive rainfall again took delivery of Ankara. The Red Crescent subway flooded, expeditions canceled. Citizens reacted to the situation.

Due to heavy rainfall in Ankara, the Red Crescent subway flooded. Officials announced the cancellation of the flights starting from the Kizilay subway, while the passengers for the direction of Batıkent Sıhhıye, for the direction of Çayyolu National Library was directed to the stop. Victims of the victims reacted to officials and officials.

After heavy rainfall in Ankara, floods took place in many places. This time, one of the places where the pressure was the Red Crescent. Due to flooding, transportation cannot be provided by the Red Crescent. Passengers telling that the rails are completely filled with water, Necatibey Kızılay'a transferred to the flow of intensive water. Because the metro is filled with water at the Kızılay station, passengers are guided to Sıhhıye for Batıkent direction and to National Library stop for Çayyolu.


Victims of the victims reacted to the authorities. There were discussions with officials in places, stating that the passengers were victims, the municipality did not put an additional bus service on the transportation reacted. Passengers who told the Evrensel about what happened at the Metro station said, yol We have our tickets and we are students. 'Sıhhıye'ye, then press the card again, the subway canceled' they said. They do not provide additional buses. The rails are full of water. Mice everywhere. There was no explanation about the technical malfunction. Teknik

Citizens arriving to ride the subway, buses and taxis also reported not working, mad We also came here to provide transportation by metro. Look at our disgrace. Turkey's capital here, 15 minutes it rained he can not go home. How to reach Sıhhiye or the National Library. They would lift the free bus if the AKP had a rally here somewhere AKP.

A group complaining that the ticket would be burned was insistent on leaving the Kızılay metro station.

Source: Ankara / UNIVERSAL

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:27

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