The Last Stake of the Crimean Bridge Railway

the last excavation of the railway line
the last excavation of the railway line

Kriymskiy Most (Crimean Bridge) information center reported that the construction of the last stake of the railway section of the bridge that will connect Russia to the Crimea over the Kerch Strait was completed.

In the construction works for the railway line, a total of three types of 6 bin 694 piles were piled at the bottom of the Bosphorus. Stakes fixed in the vertical and vertical position are protected from the sea water by the reinforced concrete core. In the upper section of the pipe, iron carcass was filled with hydro concrete inside.

In the meantime, because the specifications for the profile of the railways are more stringent, the railway line of the bridge is being raised more slowly to the level to be fixed. 2 bin 788 piles on the foundation due to the more massive part of the rail. The number of pile 2 bin 576.

The construction of the bridge began in May 2015. The project aims to facilitate transportation between Russia and Crimea, which were previously only connected by ferry services.

Located on the Kerch Strait, the bridge is the longest bridge in Europe with a length of 19 kilometers. Construction work on the bridge was completed 6 months before the work calendar. Russian President Vladimir Putin, inaugurated the bridge in May 15. The first trains are expected to start crossing the bridge next year.

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