Public Transportation is Free for University Candidates in Kayseri

Kayseri Mayor Mustafa Celik made a statement before the Higher Education Institutions Exam held at the weekend. Wishing success to all students who will take the exam, President Steel, public transportation vehicles will be free of charge to students who will show the exam, he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, 30 June-1 will be held in July, the Higher Education Institutions for the entrance exam will provide students with ease, he said. Mayor Mustafa Celik, the entrance exam document showing the students of the rail system, public bus and public bus free of charge.

Mayor Mustafa Çelik, who also wishes success for the students who will enter YKS, said: Başkan I wish every student to have openness and success. I pray from my Lord that his labor will be rewarded for me. Rab



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