Kayseri Transportation Inc. Employees Meet at Iftar

The iftar program organized for the employees of Kayseri Transport Inc. took place in the Wonderland Table with the participation of approximately 700 personnel.

Program; Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Head of Department Ferhat Bingöl, General Director of Kayseri Transportation Inc. Feyzullah Gündoğdu, Deputy Chairman of the Self Carriage Work Union Mehmet Ali Kayabaşı, as well as representatives of the company and trade union, Kayseri Ulaşım A.Ş. employees joined.

Kayseri Transportation Inc., which met with pre-canal employees. General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu expressed his thanks to the staff members for shaking hands with the iftar program.

General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu, who spoke after the iftar dinner, started his speech by expressing his gratitude to all the personnel who attended the iftar. . As you know, we are doing public transportation service as a company. We are carrying out a very important service area for Kayseri. Public transport is one of the basic needs of every city. Therefore, the quality of this service is a must for us. We offer this service to the citizen on behalf of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality by blending this necessity with a great sense of responsibility. We have to strive to increase the quality of this service every day. Fortunately, we have succeeded in exceeding a certain service quality as a result of our work with you. As a company we have a goal to offer a public transport service that adds value to the community and we will continue to work for it. Şirket

Gündoğdu continued his words as follows. Var Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mr. Mustafa Çelik has a very important issue. He also do our job in the best way and do it the right way. If we do our job right, the citizen will receive a good service and will be satisfied with the service. You know customer satisfaction is very important to us. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Kayseri Transportation Inc. Our request is always to do your job well, for you to make an effort. From this point of view, the approach of our staff who are in direct contact with the citizen is very important. For this reason, we always ask our staff to do their jobs with a friendly service concept. Onun

Following Gündoğdu's speeches, Attorney Mehmet Ali Kayabaşı, deputy chairman of Öz Taşıma İş Union, took the floor. Kayabaşı expressed his gratitude to the authorities who stated that there is an environment in which the work peace is seriously protected.

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