KabataşNew Development Regarding The Seagull Project in Turkey

Completed work on the sea side KabataşThe Ministry of Culture and Tourism Istanbul No. 2 Regional Board for the Protection of Cultural Heritage approved the project on the land side of the "Seagull Project" in.

Culture and Tourism Ministry Istanbul 2 of Cultural Heritage Conservation District Board, Istanbul in the Beyoglu district, Mimar Sinan between the University and the Dolmabahçe Mosque, Parliament-I including the regulation of Deputies Street Life in the coastal belt and the land, sea and rail systems incorporating Turkey ' which is the first integration center of Kabataş He re-analyzed the Transfer Center Project and made some changes. With the last decision taken on 12 April 2018, the Board allowed the excavation process under the supervision of the archaeologist and drew attention to the possibility of sea sleep progress, and asked for the sealing wall to be constructed (curtain wall).


The Board also approved the construction of the “Sealing Wall”, which will be built approximately 400 meters long and 12 meters deep, which will surround the project area, in order to ensure life and property safety during the excavation operations and to protect the excavation site from the risk of sea water pressure. According to the decision, the opinion of the relevant Commission of the Protection of Natural Heritage of the relevant natural assets will be taken regarding the monumental plane tree and adult trees affected within the scope of the application.


The board, which evaluated the project, decided on March 30, 2018 and forwarded it to the relevant institutions on April 12, 2018. The board also asked for a mosque area to be reserved in the square.


Emphasizing that the Hekimoğlu Ali Pasha Fountain has been moved from its original location, the Board requested that the historical fountain be relocated with the new project and be revitalized on site. The fountain will be preserved at the site and no manufacturing will be made in the basement drop.

Likewise, the monument, which also includes the tomb of Cizmecipaşa Mahmut Efendi, will be preserved in the tree place and will be enclosed in concrete pots. The tree will be protected with its own natural soil. On the other hand, the Board found it appropriate to construct a new mosque instead of Çivici Port Masjid, which was previously located in Tophane, was demolished during road works and fell to the status of lost work. Trees identified by the university report and trees in front of the set-top wall will be preserved.


The first project that will bring the sea together with land in Istanbul and Kabataş - Bağcılar Tramway, Kabataş - Taksim Funicular, Kabataş Once the Transfer Center Project, which will also connect the Mahmutbey Metro, is completed, passengers arriving by sea will be able to transfer to the rail systems and to their private vehicles or taxis with bus stops on the basement floor.

It is expected that the vehicle exit to Taksim will decrease, the bridge traffic will relax, and the traffic around Dolmabahçe will decrease. Passengers using the transfer center will be able to meet all their social and daily needs from units such as PTT, bank, market place downstairs.

Kabataş Currently, 43 thousand 498 square meters of hard ground and 21 926 square meters of recreation area in the square are a total of 65 thousand 424 square meters. With the project in question, the hard floor with the squares and docks fell to 15 thousand 624 square meters, with a total area of ​​38 thousand 411 square meters, including 54 thousand 35 thousand square meters of green space and 76 thousand 395 square meters of recreation area. The recreation area gained with the project was designed as 32 thousand 109 square meters. In addition, around the Molla Celebi Mosque will be revived.


In addition, the board was designed with the approved 12,50 meter in Martı form. So the height of the seagull will not exceed the rear wall. Side terminal buildings were considered as free form.


The tram stop has been expanded. Passengers getting off the tram will walk 50 meters to Dentur Pier, 100 meters to City Lines and 100 meters to İDO.


The road coming from Fındıklı and continuing to Beşiktaş will be taken underground with 'sunk - output' and there will be no vehicle traffic in the square. With the new project, Dalcık length was shortened by 165 meters. Thus, KabataşGas station in will continue to function.


Entrance to the lower square from the tram to the lower square with a glass dome entrance will be provided. In the first basement, beneath the glass dome will be a biological pond where the fish float. This will include shop around the 40 pieces, which are around the 12 meter in average size, for daily shopping needs such as gumshoes, buffets, dry cleaning. In the basement there will also be a small fixed market and culture art units found in the artisans and antique shops. In addition, the first basement floor 42 male, 24 a woman can pray at the same time a mosque was designed. A glass sphere designed to reflect the seagull and the sea.


When the vehicles descend with 'Branch - Exit', one arm will head towards the taxi and passenger addition pockets designed in the direction of the sea. Bus stops will be on the embankment side. In order for the bus stops to get fresh air and daylight, there will be 5, 5 square meter diameter and 4 3,5 square meter diameter daylight spaces. After descending from Fındıklı with a branch - exit, 1,5 gallery spaces with a diameter of 60 meters were designed. You can go down to the basement from the square with stairs and 6 elevators. Access to the funicular floor will also be provided by 4 elevators and escalators. Kabataş - Connection corridors will be built for transportation to Mahmutbey Metro.


In order to eliminate the pollution caused by the tour buses in front of Dolmabahçe, 12 will be parked in the second basement floor and there will be underground parking for 750 vehicles.


The preparation phase of the project, which was designed by Architect Hakan Kıran, took 10 years.
Istanbul 2nd Regional Heritage Protection Regional Board, with its decision dated 17 June 2008 Kabataş By approving the scaffolding project and with its decision dated 28 July 201, it approved the implementation project. With the decision of 6 October 2016, the Board Kabataş He decided that the zoning plan amendment regarding the part of the Passenger Pier between the coastal border and the sea was not objectionable in terms of the law, and requested an on-site inspection with its decision dated 16 November 2017. With its decision dated 24 November 2017, the committee asked for comprehensive scientific and technical reports prepared by universities on subjects requiring many specializations, such as urban texture, silhouette, protection of registered buildings, traffic, transportation and tree analysis, and marine ecology. The Board, which evaluates the project prepared in line with these reports, with its decision dated 2 March 2018 Kabataş In principle, he found the site plan of the Transfer Center suitable.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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