High Speed ​​Train Projects Reduce Bus Prices

In our country, it is possible to travel on intercity journeys by using different means of transportation.

While there are trains, buses and airplanes that have been used for a long time, high-speed trains have taken their place among these transportation vehicles. The high-speed train ride is made on specially furnished rails.

The first activity of the high-speed train was started to take place between the short-distance provinces. The first flights were organized between Eskişehir and Ankara. In this trip, the ticket prices are sold fairly and the journey time is halved and the passengers prefer the high speed train journey. This has led to a 50% decrease in bus ticket prices. The first flights of the high-speed train in our country started to be built in 2009 between Ankara and Eskişehir.

After these campaigns were successful, new projects were started to be implemented. After the expeditions between Konya and Ankara, many projects were prepared to be completed. The increase in the speed of these high-speed trains is influenced by bus companies. Because these companies have a high speed train route on the same route and passengers prefer the high speed train to complete this journey in a shorter time, bus ticket prices have dropped too much. Bus companies are trying to survive on these routes by organizing different campaigns.

The state-of-the-art high-speed train project has carried hundreds of thousands of people to date, and will continue to serve very heavily in the transport sector. The increase of high-speed train services means that bus ticket prices are falling further. Especially during the holiday period, high-speed train services are increasing and the situation causes a decrease in the number of bus services. As the technology progresses, the emergence of new means of transportation and the disappearance of the old ones are gradually being eliminated.

Source : www.sonses.tv



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