Southern Kurtalan Express is on the road due to flood

South Kurtalan Express, which travels between Ankara and Kurtalan, was on the road with its passengers as a result of the flood caused by torrential rainfall in Kırıkkale, damaging the railway line.

According to the information obtained, the railway line was badly damaged as a result of the torrential rain caused by the torrential rain, which was suppressed today, near the village of Aşağı İhsangazili of Kırıkkale. It was learned that the line was closed to the navigation between Yenikapan-Çerikli stations between Yozgat and Kırıkkale due to the incident.

The early detection of the incident prevented a possible catastrophe.

As a result of intensive work of the TCDD teams to reopen the railway line, the line was re-opened. It was learned that the South Kurtalan Express, which has more than 200 passengers, passed through the damaged area carefully, and that the works will continue to be restored.



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