China Delegation for Transportation in Sanliurfa

Nihat Çiftçi, Mayor of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality met with EurAsia Strategies for Şanlıurfa Light Rail Transportation Project and CAMC Engineering officials of China Company.

In order to make Sanliurfa a modern city, Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented big projects in every sense, brings Light Rail System to Sanliurfa. Nihat Çiftçi, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who came together with the authorities from China under the project, said, alty They are carrying out some feasibility studies especially at the point of transportation infrastructure and tram projects. We had a session with the general manager and his assistants from all the companies from China. It is a very important project for Şanlıurfa. We work hard at the transportation point and study. The concrete steps that we started with Trambus are going to continue with the tram and light rail system. We are pleased to see them in Sanliurfa. Kend

D A useful interview for ŞANLIURFA “

Stating that they will undertake a strong project with a large company, Mayor Çiftçi said, eye Its infrastructure is a strong company. A company with a lot of investments in foreign countries. We provide contacts with Sanliurfa in Turkey. Not only in terms of transport, but also in the environment, sub-construction, bridged intersections, and so far, a company with investments up to now. I believe that there is a useful conversation for Şanlıurfa. Şanlı

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