First Scheduled Flight Race at Istanbul New Airport

29 The passengers who want to be on the first scheduled flight of the Istanbul New Airport, which will be officially opened in October, are calling the airline companies and asking when and where the first flight will take place. Newspaper Gokhan Artan from Haberturk

When the plane carrying President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan goes down in June as the first airplane landing in Istanbul New Airport (INA) in June, citizens are also looking for airlines to take part in the first scheduled flight. 21, which will be officially opened in October, Istanbul New Airport, especially the aviation enthusiast citizens are already excited about the excitement of the first scheduled trip. Those who want to go to history as the first passengers on the first scheduled flight ask the airline when and where to start the first scheduled flight.

THY General Manager Bilal Eksi, social media message, "Four-legged friends special service THY aircraft," he wrote


Turkish Airlines (THY) will make the first scheduled flight from Istanbul New Airport. THY, 31 October 2018 from INA will start operations from 14.00 hours. The point of the first scheduled voyage has not been determined yet. Ceremony for the expedition. Other airlines that are located outside of THY (base airport) Ataturk Airport will start their operations in IYX from 31 Oct. 19.00. It was planned that all airline companies will be fully operational at Istanbul New Airport as of 1 November 2018 hours 00.01.


Turkish Airlines, a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, successfully transported the 16 monthly 3 giraffe from Johannesburg, South Africa to Iran, the capital city of Tehran. The giraffes were accompanied by carers and veterinarians during the flight. In the last 1 month, Turkish Cargo has successfully transported 7 lion from Johannesburg to 10 lion Pakistan, 10 zebra to Bangladesh, 4 elephant to the United Arab Emirates and Democratic Republic of the Congo 3 monkey to Ukraine. vehicles.


Turkish Cargo carried 2017 million chicks, 2.2 ton aquarium animal, 147 bin parrot, 45 lion, 28 penguin in 28. Turkish Cargo has provided 2017 growth in 33 in perishable cargo transportation such as fresh vegetables and fresh fish. 50 has grown in precision cargo transportation such as electronic devices.

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