Erdogan 3. Announces the Name of the Airport

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan participated in the Star TV-NTV joint broadcast and answered the curious questions. Erdogan also spoke about the highly anticipated name of Istanbul New Airport, which is under construction.

Erdogan, "Do you have a name in mind for the third airport?" Erdogan asked, "Can you give a name?" responded with the question. Upon the statement of journalist Nazlı Çelik, "Maybe you can organize a survey," Erdogan said, "It can happen. It is good to be patient for her. Let's take the distance. Offers are coming. ” said.

Upon Çelik's statement that “Atatürk Airport name can be kept,” Erdogan said, “Ataturk Airport was in Istanbul. It already exists in many places. I guess it would be much more accurate to give what is not here now and it is also useful to keep in touch with some new names. At this point, I think it is useful to be patient again.

Because we do every job with consultation, and consultation is our most important method. The nation can be consulted or we form a high-level advisory board and we will consult there. Not necessarily going to the public, the nation in everything, may not be correct in every respect. Because this party is not a random political party. There are high-level advisory boards. In these boards, we can also mature it and take the step. ” he spoke.

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