Uninterrupted Highway Destination Between Edirne and Gaziantep

Ahmet Arslan
Ahmet Arslan

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan said, “Our aim is to finish the distance between Niğde and Ankara in a short time like 2 years and to make the highway from Edirne to Gaziantep uninterrupted.” said. Arslan, who came to Niğde for various visits, received information from the authorities by examining the construction of Nevşehir crossroads crossroads and Çiftlik-Tepeköy mountain road, which are under construction and planned to open on 20 June.

Later, Arslan visited Niğde Governor Yılmaz Şimşek in his office and signed the governorship's book of honor. Minister Arslan, at the press conference held at the governor's office, stated that transportation projects are important in the growth of economy, industry, trade and industry in Niğde, and said:

“In this context, as the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the amount of investments we have made in the last 16 years, including the ministry of our Prime Minister, is 5 billion 552 million Turkish liras. 5 quadrillion 552 trillion, sometimes I have to say with the old figure. This is just the price of our ministry's investments in Niğde. While Niğde had 2003 kilometers of divided roads in 54, in a period of 16 years, we built a total of 260 kilometers of divided road on it. We have increased the 54 kilometers to 314 kilometers. While Niğde had 2003 kilometers of hot-mixed bituminous roads in 80 years until 50, we have added 228 kilometers on top of it. It has reached a total of 278 kilometers. Thus, within the framework of the corridor concept, Adana, Mersin, Kayseri, Konya, Nevşehir, Aksaray became accessible faster and more comfortably. "

Referring to the highway project to be built between Ankara and Niğde, Arslan continued his words as follows:

“As a result of the tender we made last year, we made the tender with the build-operate-transfer model, with a price of approximately 1 billion 30 million Euros and approximately 5,5 billion Turkish Liras, and the work started in August last year. It was mainly started by Ankara. However, the reason for this is that we have another 2-3 months in the expropriations ongoing in Niğde. As soon as the expropriation is over, we will start from Niğde. Our aim is to work everywhere as a construction site on this entire road. So to work across the entire 277 kilometer area and 57 kilometers of connection roads, and work there as well. Our aim is to finish the road between Niğde and Ankara in as little as 2 years and to make the highway from Edirne to Gaziantep uninterrupted. "

Minister Arslan, the ministry of the ongoing projects that many of the transfer, 7 construction is continuing that the cost of 346 million pounds, he said.

Referring to the airport to be built in Niğde, Arslan said:

“When our prime minister came here at the end of last year, they also consulted with us and said to us, 'Start the project of Niğde Airport as soon as possible and then it will be time to build it.' said. When the 2018 budget was published, the preparation of the Niğde Airport project was included in the investment program, we made the tender, and the feasibility, EIA and projects are being done within the scope of this tender. Hopefully, we will have finished all this within this year, and we will soon be able to dig up and transfer Niğde Airport to our country as the 64th airport. kazanwe will have risen. We prepared the project, with a runway length of 2 by 757 meters, apron of 30 by 80 meters, which means the size of 50 planes to park at the same time. We are also considering a terminal building of 4 thousand square meters, including a taxiway that will connect the 125-by-18-meter runway and the apron. The terminal building of 15 thousand square meters means that it serves 15 million passengers annually.”

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