Eastern Express Photography Competition Award Ceremony

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, "Orient Express, spend the 24 hours a path to bring our country to face the day the four seasons of beauty, with a new face and vision of Railways Turkey offers an event that coincides with a new face and vision." said.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, "Orient Express, our country spends in 24 hours a path to uncover the four seasons of beauty, Turkey's new face with a new face and vision of Railways and offers an event that coincides with the vision." said.

In his speech at the Eastern Express Photo Contest Award Ceremony, Arslan stated that the railways reflect the history of this country's last 1,5 century fate, pain, joys, separations and reunions, and the values ​​of trains that provide unity and solidarity for 162 years as well. said he carried it.

Explaining that the soldiers and ammunition were transported on the days of the Independence War, and the hopes and excitements of the future of the country on the days of peace, Arslan said that the citizens who got up from their village and migrated to Istanbul traveled by train.

Stating that the Eastern Express is also on the trail of the material and moral values ​​of the Turkish cultural heritage, Arslan continued as follows:

“It is on its way to remind us of our history, to remind our culture, to remind our world-famous villages and towns sprinkled in Anatolia like a pearl. He spends 24 hours on the road to reveal the beauties of our country in four seasons. Both citizens of both our guests coming to our country from abroad, a new face and a new vision of Turkey's new face of railways and moreover offers an event that coincides with a new vision. "

Arslan, explaining the work done to lift the railroads, railroads re-created the spring air during the period of Atatürk and that he has come a long way in order to recapture the magnificent excitement.

Stating that the Eastern Express, which was not used once, hosted 270 thousand people in a year, Arslan said that the number of people traveling with the Eastern Express in the 5 months of this year reached 170 thousand.

Expressing their interest in artistic events, Arslan said that they have invested in strengthening the links of railways with life.

- “We see them as voluntary advertising ambassadors”

Emphasizing that 440 photographers attended the contest with 529 photographs, Arslan said, “36 of these photographs were selected for the award-winning photographs at Kars Station on Wednesday and then at Ankara Station.” said.

Arslan Turkey as well as abroad, stating that they want the development of the railroad photography, "You are our railways and we see ourselves as ambassadors of our country's voluntary advertising. A square photograph that carries the moment we live in to the future and immortalizes it can sometimes explain that thousands of pages of articles cannot tell. ” found the assessment.

- “The train is at the center of life”

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın stating that the unique beauties of the Anatolian geography fascinate the train passengers, he said that he was a source of inspiration for artists and poets.

General Director of TCDD Transportation Inc. Veysi Kurt stated that the train was not seen as a means of transportation since the day it came to the scene of history and that it transformed the economic, social and cultural texture of every place it reached, it was at the center of the people's life, and it inspired many fields of art from literature to photography. he said.

After the speeches, the winners of the competition were given awards.

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