Dressed in a Wedding Dress, "Düden Waterfall" Receives an Award

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's 'Duden Waterfall Lighting Project' was awarded in the best design concept and products competition of the world. 'Wedding Dress Duden Waterfalls' concept of the award winning waterfall day and night with another beauty of the beauty of the day.

The 'Düden Waterfall Lighting Project', which was designed to show the beauty of Antalya to the guests attending the G-2015 summit of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in November 20, attracts the attention of the whole world with its magnificent view. Fiberli Lighting, which realized the lighting and design project on behalf of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, participated in the "A'Design Competition & Award", the world's best design concept and services competition, with a magnificent project. 'Düden Waterfall Lighting Project', 'Bridal Düden Waterfall', that is, 'Düden Waterfall in a Wedding Dress', won the 'Best Lighting Design and Product' award in the competition. kazanwas. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which will receive the award at the ceremony to be held in Italy on June 29, thus proved once again that it is a world city.

Can be seen from sea and land
Duden Waterfall, the lighting design, admire the viewers, the waterfall, white dress with a glamorous bride in white dress. The details of the magnificent 5 thousand square meter rock are revealed with luminaires resembling fireflies. With its natural beauty, design and application, the Duden Waterfall illuminated by sunlight becomes the center of attention of the visitors with the same glory at night. Sensitivity and aesthetics are kept in the forefront in the enlightenment of the waterfall which can be seen from sea and land.

With 72 LED, each of them can be angled with special design projectors, it can withstand natural conditions such as salt water and wave, it is illuminated with two kinds of products, which can work with solar energy and give a sparkling effect with flashing feature. In this way, a lighting that does not harm both the surrounding residential area and the nature of the waterfall is realized. Düden Waterfall welcomes passengers arriving to Antalya at night with all its splendor as the planes are on the descent route. The spectacular beauty of the dazzling beauty attracts the attention of domestic and foreign guests as an address that does not leave.

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