Air Conditioning Controls Are Made in Public Transport Vehicles in Diyarbakır

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, with the arrival of the summer months and the increase in air temperatures began to control the air conditioning for public transport. Criminal procedure will be applied to public transport that does not operate air conditioning.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, the arrival of the summer months with the increase in the air temperature of the public transport vehicles operating in the city is subject to air conditioning control. Air conditioning inspections throughout the city are carried out by 28 personnel. The 12 team, consisting of 12 personnel, whose 24 is in daytime and 4 in the evening, stops and controls the vehicles at the stops, while civilian inspection teams of 4 take public transportation vehicles as normal citizens, and notify the teams that do not comply with the legislation to ensure that the necessary penalties are applied.

Checking air conditioners

Public transport vehicles approaching the stops, air conditioners work, whether it complies with the rules of hygiene and compliance with the determined routes, police teams, listening to the complaints of citizens in public transport vehicles. Air conditioning, not running, hygiene rules and the vehicles that do not comply with the necessary criminal procedures that apply the teams, warns the public transport drivers to comply with the rules.

Air-conditioning controls in public transport, police teams will continue uninterrupted throughout the summer months, also by evaluating complaints from the phone will intervene instantly.

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