Karaosmanoğlu: "We Are Completing The Remaining Part Of The Iznik Road"

Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu participated in the programs organized by the AK Party Kocaeli Provincial Election Coordination Center for the June 24 Presidential and 27th term parliamentary elections, while also meeting with the Civil Society Organizations and citizens. somehow continues. Finally, Karaosmanoğlu, who visited the Iznikliler Association in the Gölcük Navy District, also met with the community and residents of the Sultan Mosque. Karaosmanoğlu, who was the first guest of the Izniklular Association during the very sincere visits, gave a good news about the Iznik road. Karaosmanoğlu said, “We are starting the construction of the last seven kilometers of the Iznik road as of August at the latest. We will finish it before the winter comes and put it into the service of our citizens. ”

Golcuk Mayor Mehmet Ellibeş and AK Party District President Idris Alp in the visits to the Mayor Karaosmanoglu and the accompanying delegation cherry Iznikliler, thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the services provided by Karaosmanoğlu. Mayor Karaosmanoğlu stated that they have implemented every project with maximum efficiency thanks to the harmony with Gölcük Municipality and said ik We are implementing all our investments in Kocaeli within the framework of a plan. The success of local services also depends on the government and political stability. See our President Recep Tayyip Turkey is moving on a road which continued its development from the 2002. However, this path is not easily recorded. The enemies inside and outside unfortunately try to play all the games to stop us, İçer he said.

Turkey is a strong leader and a successful team is also added that the Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor Abraham Karaosmanoğlu, "Today is the President of our value-added work the works of our country out of the political understanding led intend Turkey, unfortunately, no. Today, together with the President and a political movement around our country, the future is striving to powerful Turkey. Politics is not to demolish the works, but to put works on the work. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the son of this nation, has come out of the bosom of this nation. Commander-in-Chief was troubled with the grievance of his nation. Baş

"TURKEY TODAY has tore the SHELL"
Karaosmanoğlu, who expressed his duty to everyone to be taken away from the hands of the youth in his visit to the İzniks Society in the Naval Quarter, said gençler We produce projects with our NGOs on this issue. But there is no obstacle in front of us to produce more. Turkey has torn up his shell today. 24 stands for June elections in front of you to be stronger now. Hopefully from this election, our President will continue to serve in the parliament by providing majority. It is what the hospital and drug tails were. I can never forget. The days of shame were far behind. But we will never forget those days. Turkey, never backward from 2002 years. I hope he won't go. Of course, this also depends on a strong president and strong parliament. We no longer need America and the West. As Defense Industry, we have increased our nationalization rate. We have achieved even greater successes, we continue to throw ara. In addition, Karaosmanoğlu also met with the community and inhabitants of the Sultan Mosque in the neighborhood of the Sultan.

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