Bursa Metropolitan is Ready for Ramadan Feast

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktas, Metropolitan Municipality as a safe and peaceful atmosphere of the citizens of the Eid al-Fitr take every measure in the city, he said.

Mayor Alinur Aktaş, the month of Ramadan in Bursa was experiencing a very nice atmosphere, said: "Burhan citizens, Ramadan Feast, with their families, health and peace of mind to spend, I wish everyone a good holiday." He said.

Bus service continues

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality within the boundaries of the Rail System and Bus Management services that carry out the General Directorate of BURULAS, taking the measures to ensure that citizens can travel safely and safely will continue BursaRay flights. Bus services will continue in the same way under the 'Sunday public holiday program' and free bus services will take place between Kent Square and Hamitler Cemetery.

In addition to BUDO's regular flights, Mudanya - Eminönü flights will be held on Thursday, June 14 (Arife) at 21.45:22.15, and Eminönü - Mudanya at XNUMX:XNUMX. Information on city buses and BUDO services https://burulas.com.tr/ available at.

Citizens, any requests and complaints about the transportation to the transport line by 08508509916 number will be able to report.

Teams on duty

The Metropolitan Municipality Police Department will have a pedestrian and motorized team to evaluate the suggestions and complaints received by the citizens in person before or during the holidays (14 - 17 June) or to 7163300, 2615240, 4441600 and Alo Municipality phone numbers. In addition, in order to eliminate all kinds of grievances and complaints of the passengers traveling by private public buses, minibuses, taxis and minibuses that provide public transportation services in the city, they are also present at the Police Inspection Police Department and at the Intercity Bus Terminal for evaluating the complaints of intercity passengers. A sufficient number of personnel will be assigned to the Police Department.

Firefighters, 24 hours on duty

Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, 28 firefighters in 433 separate group and 71 volunteer firefighter in 637 volunteer group, 112 vehicle, 7 / 24 fire, rescue and possible disasters in case of any kind of fire service and fire during Ramadan Feast. The fire brigade continues to work on the shores of Bursa and continues to serve with the lifeguard at 11 point, which is suitable for swimming. Citizens, if necessary, the fire brigade 110 and 7163417 phone numbers will be able to reach the fire alarm line.

Continuous service

If there is a need for an emergency team in case of emergency, our fellow countrymen will be able to call 153.

Maintenance and repair teams of the General Directorate of BUSKI will serve in the Feast of Ramadan. Citizens, water and sewer complaints about any complaints to 185 phone number, will be able to ask for help.

During the feast, the Directorate of Cemeteries Branch will continue the burial process and cemeteries will be open to visitors. In order to assist our citizens in their wishes and complaints in all matters, our service units whose names and telephone numbers are given below will continue their work continuously.





ZABITA: 7163330





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