Ayhan Ayvaz Became Executive Vice President of IETT

Gümüşhaneli Ayhan Ayvaz was appointed as the Assistant General Manager of İETT (General Directorate of Electric Tramway and Tunnel).

Ayvaz from the village of Dölek, which is connected to the center, was appointed as the İETT Deputy General Manager while he was the Head of the Department of Bus Operations of the General Directorate of IETT Enterprises. Ayvaz's appointment was delighted by his fellow countrymen.

Who is Ayhan Ayvaz?

Ayhan Ayvaz 1971 Ayhan Ayvaz was born in Istanbul. He completed his primary and secondary education in Istanbul. He graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics and completed his MA on business management in Nişantaşı University. In 1996, he started to work as General Director of IETT. Later, he served as Chief of Operations, Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Regional Manager, Regional Manager, Coordination Manager and Head of Bus Operation Department. As of June 2018, he has been appointed as the Assistant General Manager of IETT. Ayvaz is married and has children of 2.



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