Apaydın Ankara-Izmir YHT Line Found in Investigations

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, 08-09 In June 2018, the Ankara-Izmir YHT Project, Emirdag Construction Site and Afyonkarahisar-Banaz, Banaz-Eşme and Eşme-Salihli continued their studies on site and received information from the authorities.

Apaydın'a Assistant General Manager Ismail Caglar, Ismail H.Murtazaoğlu and accompanying delegation.

Apaydın, has found in Izmir Line with Private Train

Apaydın, from the Inay Station within the province of Uşak, took the Izmir train line.

Inspection on Stations and Bridges

Apaydın, who met with TCDD personnel at the South Village and Alaşehir Station on the Uşak-İzmir line, also examined the bridges that were characteristic of the Uşak-İzmir line and received information from the authorities.

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