Students Redesigned Alsancak Station

The students of Yaşar University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, 150 has redesigned the historical Alsancak Station, which has a history of years, with the modern functions to bring a new urban space and public space to the city. Without damaging the architectural structure of the students and the value of the industrial heritage; the projects they designed with functions such as museums and exhibition areas, working places and cafes were also exhibited in Alsancak Garage.

XnumX has been redesigned with the functions of museums, working places and cafes by the third year students of Yaşar University Faculty of Architecture Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in order to join the city life by using the city identity and an important component of the railway heritage in Anatolia for years. In previous years, in the course of Integral Interior Architecture Studio, students who designed historical buildings such as the city's electricity factory, TMO Silos with new functions by adapting them to today's conditions, realized the TerminHALL project to make Alsancak Station a living city. The project was coordinated by the lecturer Sergio Taddonio. Faculty Member Ebru Karabağ Aydeniz, lecturers Fulya Ballı, Nazlı İpek Mavuşoğlu Çakman, Özge Başağaç, Zeynep Ünal and Duygu Kanbul.


Dr. Prof. Dr. Ebru Karabağ Aydeniz stated that Alsancak Garı Campus and its rich industrial heritage structures and port facilities are a part of the city which should be protected and that they should be protected. In previous years, we have developed projects in this direction. We aimed to design the Alsancak Gar building to raise awareness of the preservation of cultural heritage and to bring a new urban space and public space to the city by revitalizing with modern functions. The students worked to ensure the creation of a new public space by preserving the structure of the station and revitalizing it with modern functions without harming the value of industrial heritage. Öğ


The projects and models prepared by the students were exhibited at Alsancak Station. TCDD İzmir 3rd Regional Director Selim Koçbay, Deputy Regional Director Nizamettin Çiçek and TCDD Transportation İzmir Regional Coordinator Habil Emir also visited the exhibition. Koçbay with academicians and students sohbet received information about the projects and noted that they will be forwarded to the relevant authorities for evaluation.


Alsancak Railway Station, which was founded at the beginning of İzmir-Aydın Railway, was put into service in 1857. lines carrying the first of its kind in Turkey, opened in 1858 and began to be used extensively. The station, originally owned by the British, Ottoman Railway Company (ORC), moved to TCDD with the acquisition and dissolution of ORC in 1866. In 1935, all lines were electrified and the number of lines was increased from 2001 to 4 and the number of platforms from 10 to 2. The station was closed on 6 May 1 2006 year for the construction of IZBAN project. Station, İZBAN Central Line trains, İzmir Blue Train (in Ankara), Karesi Express (in Ankara), 4 Eylül Express (in Bandırma direction), 19 Eylül Express (in Bandırma direction), Alsancak-Uşak Regional Train (in Uşak direction) and Ege Express (in the direction of Afyon) was used. In 2010, these lines were completely closed and shifted to Basmane Station.



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