Mediterranean Coast Road Passing Through Tunnels

The government approached the end of the Mediterranean Coastal Road, one of its giant projects. 2019 km long 39,8 tunnels are being constructed in the project that will be completed in December of 34. The project also includes 17 pieces of viaducts and 65 bridges.

The Mediterranean Coast Road Project, which will ease transportation between Antalya and Mersin, has come to an end. The project, which will bring transportation between two cities to 5 hour, is planned to be completed in 2019. Turkey preparing for the presidential and parliamentary elections in June 24 government continues full throttle the giant project. In this context, the final stage of the Mediterranean Coast Road Project was completed. When the project is completed in 2019, the road between Antalya and Mersin will be at 5.


With the project in question, 6,1 km-long 17 units viaducts, 3,9 km-long 65 bridges and 5,8 km-long 19 junction intersections were planned. 9,7 pieces of tunnels, 15 km length 3,4 bridges, 60 units of 140 units of viaducts and 1 km long 4 pieces of crossroads have been completed since the beginning of the studies. When the project is opened, the journey between Antalya and Mersin will be easier and more comfortable. Thanks to the project, the western Mersin region will also benefit from the tourism attraction of Antalya.


Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu went to Antalya last week, next to the coastal road 2 high-speed train project, one from Eskisehir Burdur-Isparta over, the other from Kayseri Cappadocia, Aksaray and Konya will come to Antalya said.


Gazipasa Antalya and Mersin's Anamur, Bozyazı, projects well into the Aydıncık tunnel between the Gazipasa-Anamur, Turkey will be the second longest tunnel. The road between these two districts will shorten the 7 mileage. The distance between Antalya and Mersin will go from 19 to 12. 370 2019 will be completed at the end of the project.

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